Pioneering women in dentistry pave the way for excellence in the profession

FDI_women in dentistry_Lucy Beaman Hobbs Taylor

Lucy Beaman Hobbs Taylor, the first woman to graduate from a recognized dental college.

Since its formation as a separate medical field, dentistry has gone through several reforms and has achieved huge milestones.

As dentistry developed over the years, pioneering women broke traditional barriers for their gender and set the standards for the women who followed in their path as dental professionals1

As early as 1859, the first woman dentist, Emeline Roberts Jones, established a regular dental practice in the United States2. Lucy Beaman Hobbs Taylor (pictured above) in 1866 become the first woman in the world to graduate from a recognized dental college. In 1892, Dr Mary Stillwell-Kuedsel founded the Women’s Dental Association, which was followed by the creation of the Federation of American Women Dentists (now the American Association of Women Dentists) in 1921. 

The first book on pediatric dentistry, Dentistry Dental Book: Operative Dentistry for Children was published in 1927, thanks to a dedicated woman dentist, M. Evangeline Jordon, who was also the first pediatric dentist in the United States3.

Once a minority, women now outnumber men in most dental schools

When the dentistry profession started to be standardized in the late 1800s, no more than 1% of dental students were women.

Today, studies show that in the majority of countries with available data, women graduates outnumber their male counterparts in dental schools.

Of course, the number of female dental school graduates varies across the globe. However, in 10 European countries (Czech Republic, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania and Slovenia) in 2016, 70% of dental school graduates were women. The proportion of women graduates was just above 50% in France (55%) and in the United Kingdom (56%), while in the USA the gender ratio was almost equal4

The number of women in leadership roles in dental education has also increased significantly over the past two decades. However, most of the top leadership positions in professional dental associations are still held by men, and stark gender inequalities persist in dental research and academia5.

FDI supports women as leaders in the dental profession

Several organizations, including FDI, seek to improve academic and professional opportunities for women and promote female representatives in leadership roles. In 1996, FDI’s European Regional Organisation established the Women in Dentistry working group to monitor the gender balance in the profession and address the difficulty of achieving a work-life balance, the difference in income between men and women, and the lack of female decision-makers in dentistry6.

As the percentage of women in the profession increased worldwide, in 2001 FDI established the Women Dentists Worldwide Section7 to coordinate the activities of national groups; promote the gathering of information about women dentists; address inequalities where they exist; and enhance women’s full participation in all aspects of the profession8. The section was initiated and run by the woman who would later become the first woman president of FDI, Dr Michele Aerden of Belgium.

After over 100 years without a woman president, FDI elected Dr Aerden (2005 to 2007), who paved the way for three more women to follow in her footsteps: Dr TC Wong of Hong Kong (2013 to 2015), and Dr Kathryn Kell of the USA  (2017 to 2019). Dr Ihsane Ben Yahya of Morocco is the FDI President-Elect and will become the fourth woman president of FDI in 2021. 

Women working in oral health help shape a vibrant system that defines the future of the profession, promotes a more inclusive health policy, advances research, practice and clinical care9. Accordingly, FDI continues to advocate for women to be equally represented and included at every level of the profession.

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    Op-ed: Dental students advocate for primary health coverage to include oral health
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    FDI President Elect attends second-phase launch of Smile Around the World in China
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    Advocating early-stage treatment and improved patient care
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    Oral health must be integrated into universal health coverage #WorldHealthDay
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    Mouth Heroes for Schools: helping teachers give lessons on good oral health
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    How did you celebrate World Oral Health Day? Let us know, win a prize!
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    Reporting back from Brazzaville: FDI attends WHO capacity-building workshop on oral health
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    Unveiling a new electrolytic treatment for peri-implantitis
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    Endodontics white paper calls for treatment to consider patient health and well-being
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    These are the top five oral health pledges for policymakers on World Oral Health Day
  • FDI_World Dental Development Found
    FDI offers funding for innovative oral health projects around the world: Apply by 15 June
  • FDI World Oral Health Day Say Ahh
    This World Oral Health Day, inspire your patients to Act On Mouth Health
  • FDI Council member, Dr Alvi
    President of Pakistan promotes preventive care for optimal oral health
  • FDI_IDJ_Dr Duangporn Duangthip, Prof. Edward Chin Man Lo, Prof. Chun Hung Chu, Dr Sherry Shiqian Gao
    Mechanisms of silver diamine fluoride on arresting caries: a literature review
  • FDI Interview_Dr Christian Moussally
    Modern digital dentistry with Dr Christian Moussally
  • FDI network_Health Canada_Canada’s Dietary Guidelines for Health Professionals and Policy Makers
    Health Canada food guide says free sugars raise risk of tooth decay
  • FDI network_World Cancer Day
    On World Cancer Day, #ActOnMouthHealth
  • FDI partner_GSK
    GSK steps up to support new FDI project on partially dentate patients
  • FDI interview_Dr Eduardo Mahn
    Mastering smile design with Dr Eduardo Mahn
  • FDI Smile Around the World_China
    Smile Around the World re-activates in China, seeks to improve oral health of schoolchildren
  • FDI WOHD checklist
    Checklists motivate people to Act on Mouth Health for World Oral Health Day
    New year, new editions: Interview with International Dental Journal Editor-in-Chief Prof. Ira Lamster
  • FDI Smile Award
    FDI Smile Award: supporting efforts to improve oral health through awarding grants for member projects
  • FDI partner_3M
    3M becomes a World Oral Health Day supporter, affirms commitment to oral health for all
  • FDI_oral health and diabetes
    Regular dental check-ups for healthy gums may help manage type 2 diabetes
  • FDI interview_ Dr Jurgen Fedderwitz
    ‘Learning from the best!’ with Dr Jürgen Fedderwitz
  • FDI_Antimicrobial resistance
    Reporting back from the Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance in Accra, Ghana
  • FDI advocacy_Minamata Convention on Mercury
    Countries meet to accelerate implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury
  • FDI network event_United Arab Emirates International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition
    AEEDC Dubai promises ‘education and innovation transfer’ for its 23rd edition
  • FDI_WOHD_Say Ahh
    World Oral Health Day celebration leaves lasting impact, sparks government action on oral health
  • FDI interview_Dr Roger Macias
    Listening and learning from the very best in the world
  • FDI project_Brush Day and Nigth
    Can Brush Day & Night be replicated in your country? A focus on the methodology and its impact
  • FDI Speaker of the General Assembly Susie Sanderson
    Available Now: 2018 FDI Council and Standing Committee Election Results
  • FDI network_Ministry of Health of Portugal
    A great win for Portugal: Ministry of Health brings dentists into primary health centres
  • FDI seminar_sugar
    Sugars expert Prof. Paula Moynihan talks tooth decay and other NCDs in 12 December webinar
  • FDI_webinar
    Register for the FDI-NCD Alliance webinar on collaborating for better health outcomes
  • FDI ADA World Dental Congress
    FDI President Dr Kathryn Kell returns home for FDI World Dental Congress 2019 San Francisco
  • FDI WOHD_Say Ahh
    World Oral Health Day 2019 ‘Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health’ campaign calls for concrete action for good oral health
  • FDI netwrok_UN High-level Meeting on Noncommunicable Diseases
    UN High-level Meeting on Noncommunicable Diseases falls short on delivering action
  • FDI_oral cancer and alcohol
    Lancet report ties alcohol use to oral cancer – even moderate consumption is not without risk
  • FDI policy statements
    FDI publishes 10 new policy statements, demonstrating global consensus on key oral health issues
  • FDI Smile Award 2019
    Call to all FDI National Dental Associations: Apply by 30 November for the FDI Smile Award
  • FDI Dental Ethics Manual
    Second edition of Dental Ethics Manual launched at FDI World Dental Congress
  • FDI World Dental Congress Buenos Aires
    FDI reports on key outcomes of 2018 World Dental Congress
  • FDI
    FDI and ICHOM present Standard Set of Adult Oral Health Measures
  • FDI GPHP experts
    GPHP experts host symposium at FDI WDC and introduce practical guide
  • FDI World Oral Health Forum
    Advocacy leaflet and Roadmap for Healthy Ageing released at 2018 World Oral Health Forum
  • FDI_Oral cancer
    Oral cancer chairside guide now available online
  • FDI Smile Award_ Indian Dental Association (IDA) and New Zealand Dental Association
    FDI evaluates Caries Prevention Partnership chairside guide, grants Smile Awards
    Anaesthesia and pharmacology headline Year-in-Review session
  • FDI network_UN HLM on NCDs
    FDI calls for inclusion of oral health in the NCD response at UN Civil Society Hearing
  • FDI World Dental Congress Buenos Aires 2
    Countdown to annual FDI World Dental Congress
    Browse the special virtual issue of the International Dental Journal on oral health for older adults