Regional CE Programme for NDAs

Development through Continuing Education (CE) is an essential part of the dental profession. It is an important aspect of modern evidence-based dental practice. Furthermore, it is essential that dentists maintain an up-to-date clinical and theoretical knowledge of the art and science of dentistry. To this end, FDI's Education Committee organizes a number of events to support this requisite every year.

These events can be organized by the Regional CE Programme Directors on your request to fit your specific local needs​.

What can we help you with?


You can decide to host an in-person FDI CE course during your annual event or as a stand-alone event

The FDI Regional CE Director will collaborate with you to define your target audience and identify an attractive topic. 

Should you aim to deliver a course in an online or hybrid format, the FDI Head Office can arrange for the course to be delivered via its zoom webinar platform or on FDI Oral Health Campus. should you already have your own online channel, it is also possible to use it. 


Once you have defined your target audience and selected your topic, your Regional CE Director will look into FDI Speakers' database to identify a potential speaker. 

Providing you agree on the potential speaker, FDI Regional CE Director will liaise with the speaker to organize his/her lecture and travel. 

FDI Head Office will cover the travel expenses, while you, as the hosting NDA, should arrange and cover for the accommodation, ground transferts, meals and conference access (if applicable)


All Regional CE Courses endorsed by FDI can be identified thank to a special logo. they are also all displayed on FDI web calendar and promoted on FDI social media channels. 

Your Regional CE Director will also provide you with a special logo for your conference programme, should you wish to indicate that your programme will include an FDI CE course

You will also be provided with a dedicate FDI branded social media toolkit to use on your promotion channels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of hosting a FDI CE training course and how does FDI support?

FDI support is free of charge. For an in-person course, FDI will help you with speaker identification and will cover the speaker travel costs. You will have to cover the speaker accommodation and onsite costs, as well as the logistics cost to host the training (room rental, audiovisual equipment). 

For an online course, FDI can provide you with different options of webcasting tools. If you decide to use the FDI Oral Health Campus, there will be associated costs. However, if you opt for a Zoom Webinar, you will be able to use the platform free of charge. 

Can I use the FDI logo to promote my course?

Yes, once your CE training course has been approved by the Regional CE Director, you will be able to start promoting it using the FDI CE programme logo. If your CE session is taking place within your national event, the Regional CE Director will give you a second logo to be used on your national event promotion tools, indicating that this event contains an FDI CE session. 

How long in advance should I start planning my CE training course?

The earlier the better!  

FDI Regional CE Directors plan training courses on a yearly basis starting in September for the upcoming year, with the goal to have a finalized plan in December. It is usually possible to add a last minute course during the year should an opportunity appear but a minimum of 3-months time is recommended for efficient planning and promotion.

Can FDI provide me with a list of potential speakers?

FDI relies on an extensive speakers database. Once your training goal has been established, the FDI Regional CE Director will be able to identify the best speakers from within FDI's database and will suggest potential profiles for your training course. Once you agree on a name, the Regional CE Director will contact the speaker and make all the travel arrangements. 

Will FDI support me with the training course promotion?

Yes, once your training course content is approved by the FDI Regional CE Director, your course will be announced on the CE event calendar and CE programme pages on FDI website. FDI will also share with you branded social media cards for distribution and dissemination amongst your network. Additionally, promotion efforts will also be led on FDI's official social media channels. 

Is there a limit to the number of courses FDI can help me with?

Yes, the initial limit is two sessions per NDAs, either as standalone events or within one national event. There may be a possibility to plan additional sessions during the second semester should the FDI budget allow. 

Start planning and contact your Regional CE Director today!

Dr Kaboré


Dr Wendpoulomdé Aimé Désiré Kaboré


Asia Pacific

Dr Simon Ho Kam Yuen

Prof. Hande Şar Sancakli


Prof. Hande Şar Sancakli

Dr Mauricio Montero

Latin & Central America

Dr Mauricio Montero

Prof. Hni A. Salam

Middle East

Prof. Hani A. Salam