Oral Health Atlas

Oral Health Atlas

FDI released the second edition of its Oral Health Atlas at the 2015 Annual World Dental Congress in Bangkok, Thailand. The new edition called The Challenge of Oral Disease – A call for global action serves as an advocacy resource for all oral healthcare professionals and anyone with an interest in oral health.

The second edition of the atlas highlights the extent of oral diseases worldwide and reflects on policies and strategies addressing the global burden. It presents a summary of key oral health issues – including 

  • the impact and burden of oral diseases, such as tooth decay, periodontal disease, oral cancer and more;
  • major risk factors and the common risk factor approach;
  • inequalities in oral health;
  • oral disease prevention and management;
  • oral health challenges; and
  • ensuring oral health is on the global health and development agendas.

The Challenge of Oral Disease – A call for global action is aimed at national dental associations, health organizations, industry professionals and the general public to provide them with the means they need to address policy makers, governments and local authorities and advocate for change in oral health related policies. The book includes content from 30 contributors on specific chapters and data, which was reviewed and edited by Editors-in-Chief Prof. Habib Benzian and Prof. David Williams. 

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MOOC – The challenge of oral disease: a call for global action

This 3-hour massive open online course (MOOC) is based on the second edition of the oral health atlas, published in 2015 at the World Dental Congress in Bangkok. 

The MOOC is divided into eight chapters, each focusing on key oral health issues, and consists of the following learning objectives: 

  • Describe oral health and oral disease over the life course, including the importance of oral health in general health. 

  • Explain key strategies for oral health promotion, oral disease prevention and treatment. 

  • Identify oral health risk factors and ways to mitigate them. 

  • Discuss the oral health workforce and each person’s role on the oral health care team. 

  • Describe critical elements of the global oral health agenda and associated policy implications.  

Take the course now to expand your understanding of the burden of oral diseases and familiarize yourself with the strategies to address it. 

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