Comunidad Sonrisas

Community-based oral health program for children in Til Til, Chile.

The main goal of Comunidades Sonrisas project 2020-2021 is to implement a community-based sustainable service & education program in 6 rural schools in TilTil, while fostering local collaboration for sustainability, both in health outcomes and  finances.

To improve the oral health in children of 6 rural schools of Til Til by:

- Implementing an educational program (escuela sonrisas) focused on  prevention and promotion of oral health in children from pk to 2º grade in Til Til  following Escuela Sonrisas Methodology.
- Teaching children the value of smiles and self-care habits with Oral B  dental packs.
- Transferring competencies of oral health teachers and the tools for  supervised tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste.
- Effectively involve families in the protection of children's smiles.
- Measuring indicators (IHO and coed/COEP) at the beginning and end of  the program.
- Reaching an Oral Hygiene Index below 1.
- Developing a service program capable of providing comprehensive dental care  to children.
- Performing 2 checkups and oral health exams
- Focusing in children with active cases of cavities.
- Applying fluoride varnish two times a year to every child with the  support of Local health Professionals (Sembrando Sonrisas).
- Articulating prioritized children (6 years old) with local health centers in Til Til.



Comunidad Sonrisas Report

Community-based oral health program for children in Til Til

Timoti Book

Timoti Book

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