dental materials

Minimally Invasive Dentistry Approach – Concept and Techniques in Fixed Prosthodontics

05 April 2019

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the influence of biomaterials and biomechanics of dental materials used in fixed prosthodontics which provide fundamental information for clinicians on tooth preparation designs.
  • Understand how the amount of remaining tooth structure affects the compressive strength and fracture resistance of a tooth during function.
  • Describe the different applicable designs of fixed prostheses to improve the longevity of these prostheses.

Key to success in prosthodontics: from case selection to maintenance

04 April 2019

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the current treatment concepts in prosthodontics

  • Assess and identify difficult cases requiring prosthodontic treatment
  • Plan and execute prosthodontic treatment predictably
  • Recognize the new technologies and materials in prosthodontics

Direct anterior restorations and indirect posterior restorations, morphology and occlusion

01 April 2019

Learning objectives

  • To establish the current step by step procedures for direct restorations
  • To understand the differences between direct and indirect restorations and to determine when to use one or the other
  • To establish the basic principles of dental morphology to achieve an optimal occlusion
  • To establish the importance of an ideal morphology for the final success of the restoration