Sports dentistry

Sports Dentistry: Toolkit for sports organizations

Toolkit for Sports Organizations

This toolkit aims to raise awareness globally among sports organizations about the importance of good oral health for athletes and outlines steps these organizations can take to protect athletes’ oral health.

Sports Dentistry: Guidelines for elite athletes

Guidelines for Elite Athletes

This guideline provides information on maintaining a healthy mouth when competing at the elite level and how poor oral health effects performance. This guide also provides details on how to protect your mouth during sports and training.

Sports Dentistry: Guidelines for amateurs

Guidelines for Amateurs

This guideline provides information on the importance of maintaining a healthy mouth while playing sports, how a healthy mouth affects athletic performance, and how to maintain and protect oral health when playing sports.

Sports Dentistry: Guidelines for dentists and sports medicine physicians

Guidelines for Dentists and Sports Medicine Physicians

This comprehensive guide provides information for clinicians on how oral health impacts sports performance and vice-versa, along with recommendations for prevention, screening, treatment, and dental recall intervals.