NCD Alliance

Integrating oral health into general health

Good oral health is fundamental to general health and well-being and key to securing a good quality of life. Many non-communicable diseases (NCDs), including most oral diseases, share the same socioeconomic determinants and some common risk factors – including an unhealthy diet high in sugar, tobacco use and harmful use of alcohol. FDI works closely with the NCD Alliance to address the urgent need to integrate oral health into the prevention and treatment of NCDs.

The NCD Alliance unites 2,000 civil society organizations representing different diseases and risk factors to work on a common agenda to improve NCD prevention and control worldwide. As part of our collaboration, FDI participates in the NCD Alliance Supporters Consultation Group (SCG) – a select group of corporations, foundations, research institutes and non-governmental organizations – which aims to improve the lives of people living with NCDs and tackle their risk factors.

By working with the NCD Alliance, we can accelerate political commitment and action on NCDs and adopt a common risk factor approach for integrating oral health into strategies and action plans addressing NCDs. Our partnership also enables FDI to position oral diseases alongside the major NCDs and gain broader visibility on the global health agenda.

NCD Alliance