FDI World Dental Congress

The World Dental Congress (WDC) is a flagship event for FDI, strengthening ties and fostering collaboration within the global oral health community.

To advance the science and practice of dentistry, the WDC delivers:

  • a cutting-edge scientific programme;
  • interactive forums covering the most relevant topics in dentistry;
  • a dental exhibition attended by the most prominent figures in the dental industry.

The FDI World Dental Congress, held in a different host country every year, offers a unique opportunity to meet with leaders of the oral health profession from around the globe.

Scientific programme

The World Dental Congress boasts a diverse scientific programme with oral health experts who present on a broad spectrum of subjects in the dentistry field, from caries management protocols to regenerative endodontics. FDI takes great care in creating a unique and modern scientific programme every year.


The four-day dental exhibition offers the dental industry the opportunity to present the latest in oral health technology and practices. FDI is proud of its long-term partnership with exhibitors who consider the Congress to be one of their ‘must-attend’ events.

World Oral Health Forum 

Inspired by the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos, Switzerland, FDI launched the World Oral Health Forum (WOHF) in 2012.The WOHF takes place each year at the FDI World Dental Congress and serves to shape the future of oral health.

The World Oral Health Forum sparks discussion on the latest topics related to oral health and dentistry. This panel event enhances communication and exchange between oral health professionals and those outside of the immediate oral health community. The WOHF sessions typically include short presentations from panelists – relevant to dentists, but also society at large – and are followed by questions and answers.

Panels are usually composed of:

  • one representative from an international organization or government body;
  • one representative from the oral health industry;
  • one or two FDI member representatives;
  • one representative from a non-dental organization, such as cardiology or information technology.

FDI Parliament Business Meetings

The General Assembly meets once a year at the World Dental Congress. For five days, over 300 FDI delegates debate and make decisions that will influence the future of dentistry. FDI Committees convene to further the projects they work on throughout the year, and FDI Sections and Regional Organizations also hold their annual meetings.

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