Adopted by the FDI General Assembly October, 1998 in Barcelona, Spain
Revised September, 2009 in Singapore, Singapore
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In order to meet changing oral health needs and demands of the population worldwide, the continual search for new and improved methods of care is necessary. FDI therefore:

  • supports the essential need for approval of research using humans, animals and their tissues by an appropriately recognized Ethics Committee/Institutional Review Board
  • encourages the close cooperation between the dental profession and the research community
  • supports the concept of collaborative research groups within and between countries
  • encourages the concept of practice-based dental research in order to apply scientific findings in the practice environment and to stimulate the interests of science in the issues and problems relevant to dental practice
  • encourages the funding of dental research
  • encourages research programmes in all of the sciences related to dentistry
  • encourages academic and industry scientists to promote the development and standardization of high quality equipment, instruments, materials and therapeutic agents
  • requests FDI National Dental Associations and health authorities to support or initiate research programmes and procedures that promote these objectives
  • supports research designed to improve the organization of oral healthcare systems, delivery of healthcare, health education, undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development and interdisciplinary cooperation
  • encourages the practicing profession to keep abreast of advances in science
Science Committee

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