Need and Demand for Oral Healthcare

Adopted by the FDI General Assembly October, 1998 in Barcelona, Spain
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People everywhere are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of appropriate oral healthcare. This leads to an increasing demand for professional advice and oral healthcare services. Therefore, FDI requests that:

  • All FDI National Member Associations, members of the dental profession, national and international institutions, governments and individuals concerned with and responsible for health matters recognize those changes and strive for the provision of the best possible level of oral healthcare for the peoples of the world. To this aim, oral healthcare should be made available within all national healthcare systems, offering affordable and appropriate patientorientated services. Oral health promotion and prevention for the general public should be part of all national oral health programmes.
  • FDI National Member Associations accept their co-responsibility for sharing, as far as possible, financial resources and academic and professional knowledge with developing countries in support of the establishment and growth of programmes of prevention and oral healthcare.
Public Health Committee

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