National Health Policy

Adopted by the FDI General Assembly October, 1998 in Barcelona, Spain

Member Associations should become involved in all political and legislative processes and decisions regarding matters of oral health and oral healthcare. Therefore, FDI supports the concepts that:

  • Member Associations should offer advice and support in relation to the planning of dental health and related measures.
  • Member Associations may promote within their national social security system the principle of the provision of basic dental care as is absolutely necessary, financed by the community of the insured. Benefits beyond this basic care should be, as far as is possible and reasonable, paid privately by the patient according to his personal needs and finances.
  • Member Associations should urge public health authorities to recognize that healthy teeth, jaws, mouths and gums are fundamental to the physical, spiritual and social well-being of all people.
  • Member Associations should promote a closer dentist/patient relationship on the basis of free choice of practitioner. This serves to underline the principle that the individuals are responsible for their own oral health and leads to a greater transparency in the cost of such healthcare.
  • Member Associations should aim for therapeutic freedom as a principle aspect of dental practice where appropriate and quality-oriented treatment measures are chosen based on the individual needs and requirements of the patients and free from outside influence.
  • Member Associations should promote the principle of confidentiality and data protection, particularly with regard to modern information technology and worldwide information exchange.
Public Health Committee

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