Partially Dentate Project: Contemporary Management of the Partially Dentate Patients

The Partially Dentate Patients project was launched in 2018 to develop a comprehensive approach to treatment and care of partially dentate patients, or patients who have one or more missing teeth.

Rates of natural tooth retention are increasing globally: rather than losing all their teeth as they age, patients are increasingly greeting old age with at least a few of their natural teeth still intact. Partial tooth loss can affect every aspect of life, from limiting the foods we can enjoy to undermining our self-confidence and affecting our relationships with others. PDP project aims to empower oral health professionals to effectively manage partially dentate patients and encourage dentists to place equal importance on pre-treatment assessment, treatment, and post-treatment long-term care and to organize their treatment and care plan along this continuum.

  • Finbarr Allen - Predictable restoration of the partially dentate patient, from risk assessment to maintenance
  • William Cheung - Managing the Partially Dentate Patients: Roadmap & Chairside Guide

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the importance of pre-treatment assessment, evidence-based treatment options and long-term post-treatment care
  • Understand the importance of personalized patient assessment including patient’s overall health, age, preference and expectations
  • Understand the clinical aspects, such as management of risk factors and their impacts on treatment outcome, and the relevance of personalized maintenance programmes
  • Understand the relevance of knowledge translation to clinical  practice


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