FDI Smile Award

FDI Smile Award: supporting efforts to improve oral health through awarding grants for member projects

08 January 2019

The FDI Smile Award, valued at US$5000, serves to support and promote preventive oral care and is open to all member National Dental Associations.

IDJ cover

New year, new editions: Interview with International Dental Journal Editor-in-Chief Prof. Ira Lamster

08 January 2019
Scientific journals

FDI sat down with Editor-in-Chief Professor Ira Lamster to profile FDI’s primary scientific publication.

3M logo

3M becomes a World Oral Health Day supporter, affirms commitment to oral health for all

19 December 2018
World Oral Health Day

3M is the latest partner to support FDI’s far-reaching global oral health campaign to promote good oral health for all at every stage of life.

Oral health and diabetes are related

Regular dental check-ups for healthy gums may help manage type 2 diabetes

17 December 2018
Noncommunicable diseases

A study published in The Lancet: Diabetes & Endocrinology suggests that treatment of periodontitis may help control type 2 diabetes.

Dr Juergen Fedderwitz interview WDC19

‘Learning from the best!’ with Dr Jürgen Fedderwitz

10 December 2018

Dr Fedderwitz, chair of the FDI Education Committee, shares the committee’s motto, ‘learning from the best!’, profiles an international set of speakers and highlights the importance of life-long learning for professionals and patients alike.

Amalgam filling

Countries meet to accelerate implementation of the Minamata Convention on Mercury

05 December 2018

Dental amalgam stirred debate at the second Conference of the Parties to the Minamata Convention on Mercury (COP2), gathering close to 150 countries.

Dentist with antibiotics in hand

Reporting back from the Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance in Accra, Ghana

05 December 2018
Antimicrobial resistance

FDI Speaker Dr Susie Sanderson shares highlights from the Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance meeting and profiles FDI’s work in the area.

AEEDC 2019

AEEDC Dubai promises ‘education and innovation transfer’ for its 23rd edition

03 December 2018

AEEDC Dubai, which will be held from 5-7 February 2019, is the largest dental event in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia region.

Children receive calendars

Children’s oral health made a country-wide priority through outreach in schools

03 December 2018
FDI Member

The Lithuanian Dental Chamber and the Ministry of Health, together with the Ministry of Education and Science, implemented this country-wide drive to improve oral health among young children.

World Oral Health Day march in Zimbabwe

World Oral Health Day celebration leaves lasting impact, sparks government action on oral health

19 November 2018
World Oral Health Day

Earlier this year the Zimbabwe Dental Association celebrated World Oral Health Day to raise public awareness about the importance of good oral health. There efforts leave a lasting impact as the national government moves to take action on oral health.