sugar tax

The United Kingdom joins the sugar tax club – over a dozen countries down, still a long way to go

02 May 2018

The United Kingdom is the most recent country to adopt a ‘sugar tax’ in an effort to tackle childhood obesity – and consequently dental caries.

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Sugar to take center stage at the 2018 World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires

20 April 2018

FDI, the NCD Alliance, and the World Health Organization will lead a joint session at the 2018 World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sugar from can

Australia reignites debate for a sugar tax, but lacks government support

11 January 2018

The Australian Medical Association calls for a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages to be introduced as a matter of priority to tackle obesity.

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From Mexico to Switzerland, more countries are contemplating sugar tax

09 March 2017

As Mexico’s sugar tax leads to a fall in consumption for a second year in a row since its inception, Switzerland explores the possibility of joining the over half a dozen other countries with a sugar tax already in place.

Sugars and Dental Caries

Practical guide on sugars and dental caries now available for FDI member associations

22 December 2016

FDI just published ‘Sugars and Dental Caries – A practical guide to reduce sugars consumption and curb the epidemic of dental caries’. The aim is to support the advocacy work of FDI member associations in establishing and implementing goals for policy change.