During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, FDI highlights need to build awareness about oral health in cancer care

15 September 2020
Childhood cancer presents as one of the major causes of death worldwide. Collaborative cancer care, which must include oral health, is indispensable to improve patients’ overall treatment outcomes and quality of life.

Oral health and access to care under siege during COVID-19 pandemic

29 June 2020

The pandemic has severely disrupted dentistry services and access to care and has also fueled unhealthy eating and drinking habits. 

FDI offers guidance to members, health authorities and dental teams in response to COVID-19

02 June 2020

FDI Council recently authored an official statement outlining key principles for dental practice and oral health promotion during the pandemic.


World Health Professions Alliance calls for G20 action to secure personal protective equipment for health personnel

15 April 2020

In an open letter to G20 leaders, the five WHPA presidents call for coordinated action to secure the PPE supply chain for health workers battling COVID-19 worldwide.

Refugee Oral Health Promotion and Care

FDI survey says refugees have limited access to regular dental check-ups and screenings

09 September 2019

Oral health conditions among refugees should be addressed in the same way as other health concerns. FDI World Dental Federation surveyed its member National Dental Associations to measure the burden of oral disease among refugees in each member country.

Refugee Oral Health Promotion and Care

Promoting access to oral care on World Refugee Day to support universal health coverage

20 June 2019

FDI stands in solidarity with refugees and highlights the importance of ensuring their access to a reliable and complete level of oral care.

Australia's Oral Health Tracker

Australia's Oral Health Tracker redefines their view of oral health

01 May 2018

National oral health report card reveals that more than 90% of Australian adults have experienced decay in their permanent teeth.

child and mother brushing teeth

Parents delay child's first visit to the dentist due to lack of guidance from healthcare providers

06 March 2018

US poll shows that children first visit the dentist much later than recommended; FDI responds with oral care tips for parents and children.

Dental inequalities in London, UK (2012)

Barriers to oral health create regional divide among England’s rich and poor

07 December 2017

A recent report reveals an existing a divide in good oral health between northern and southern England, as well as rich and poor