Apply for the World Dental Development Fund

FDI is offering up to 10,000 CHF to support oral health promotion projects: Apply by 15 June

29 May 2019

The World Dental Development Fund welcomes and encourages a diverse set of applicants. The fund finances innovative oral health projects in limited-income settings.

WDDF in Nepal (2018)

FDI offers funding for innovative oral health projects around the world: Apply by 15 June

05 March 2019

Get financial support for your projects that aim to promote and improve oral health in your communities. Apply by 15 June 2019.

FDI Smile Award

FDI Smile Award: supporting efforts to improve oral health through awarding grants for member projects

08 January 2019

The FDI Smile Award, valued at US$5000, serves to support and promote preventive oral care and is open to all member National Dental Associations.

WOHD 17 Senegal

Last call for applications for FDI’s World Dental Development Fund, deadline 15 June

17 May 2018

FDI strongly encourages member associations to develop oral health promotion projects and apply to the fund by 15 June.

WDDF pre-primary schoolchildren in Tanzania

FDI’s World Dental Development Fund to finance initiatives to improve oral health: apply by 15 June

04 April 2018

FDI is now accepting applications for the World Dental Development Fund, which supports innovative oral health initiatives around the world.

FDI Smile Award

Call for applications for FDI Smile Award ends 30 November

04 October 2017

The FDI Smile Award, valued at US$5,000, recognizes the work of member associations and serves to promote preventive oral care at local level.

Children of the WDDF brushing their teeth

Call for applications for World Dental Development Fund ends 15 June

16 May 2017

Established in 1999, the World Dental Development Fund (WDDF) works to improve oral health globally by financing innovative prevention and access programmes in disadvantaged populations.