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Oral Health Observatory special symposium to be held at FDI World Dental Congress

06 August 2018

Oral Health Observatory hosts a special symposium at the 2018 FDI World Dental Congress, reports a successful launch in China and awards OHO dentist a prize.

Fostering dialogue and collaboration

Fostering dialogue and collaboration

25 July 2018

While spending time with our members and partners in Colombia and the United States, I was reminded once again of the importance of working together to tackle oral health challenges.

FDI World Dental Congress 2018 Buenos Aires

An in-depth look at oral health and healthy ageing

11 July 2018

World Oral Health Forum panelists Dr Sophie Dartevelle and Prof. Kakuhiro Fukai highlight the importance of prioritizing oral health within the eldercare framework. This year's edition will illustrate the strong link between oral health and healthy ageing through a series of real-life examples of elderly oral healthcare models from Asia, Europe, and South America.

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British Dental Association Northern Ireland champions oral health of older adults

04 July 2018
Ageing population

BDA calls for increased investment in community and general dental services, so a comprehensive and tailored approach to oral healthcare in the elderly can be offered.

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Sugar, tobacco and alcohol taxes are being underused, say leading international experts

04 July 2018

In a recent commentary article in The Lancet, an international group of experts from the World Health Organization, UNICEF, the World Bank, as well as civil society leaders and other academics called for governments to adopt sugar, tobacco and alcohol taxes to improve public health.

UN Offices New York City, USA

FDI calls for oral health to be addressed in the Zero Draft of the UN HLM on NCDs

29 June 2018

FDI has analyzed the Zero Draft of the United Nations High-level meeting on NCDs and recommends key oral health priorities to be included.

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Delivering real results

28 June 2018

As I travelled to Switzerland, China and Japan this month, it was inspiring to witness the many activities and programmes carried out by FDI and its members that are already having an impact on improving global oral health.

Brush Day & Night

Brush Day & Night positively impacts toothbrushing behavior of millions of children

27 June 2018

Results from 10 countries show that oral health promotion and education through a 21-day school programme had a positive impact on toothbrushing behaviour.

'Time to deliver' WHO report on NCDs

FDI lends the voice of oral health to 200 organizations calling for bold political commitments on NCDs

18 June 2018

FDI joined 200 organizations to welcome the WHO Independent High-Level Commission Report on NCDs but highlighted the oral health gaps that still need to be addressed.

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Unhealthy cannot be sugar-coated

13 June 2018

FDI, the NCD Alliance, and the World Health Organization are organizing a joint session at the FDI World Dental Congress 2018 Buenos Aires to highlight the need for common preventative interventions. Featuring four expert speakers, the session, titled ‘Curbing the Sugar Rush’, will focus on how to tackle oral diseases and other NCDs through a unified approach.