FDI is offering up to 10,000 CHF to support oral health promotion projects: Apply by 15 June

29 May 2019 Grants

The deadline to apply for FDI’s World Dental Development Fund (WDDF) is 15 June.

Established in 1999, the WDDF supports innovative oral health initiatives in communities all around the world. The fund backs projects with clear objectives to promote and improve oral health and prevent oral diseases in limited-income areas with oral health needs.

Educational and sustainable oral health projects

FDI seeks projects that are designed to benefit individuals and communities with demonstrated oral health needs. Projects should complement local, regional or national strategic health aims within the country; they should also be developed in consultation with local authorities and stakeholders.

FDI will give priority to projects with a prominent educational component and promising potential for long-term sustainability. Projects should focus on at least one of the following topics:

  • disease prevention and/or eradication
  • education
  • oral health promotion
  • primary health care

Apply for the World Dental Development Fund

Who can apply for funding?

FDI welcomes applicants from within and outside its network. WDDF funding is available to non-FDI members in addition to FDI Regular and Associate members.


To be eligible for funding, non-FDI members must obtain written support from an FDI Regular or Associate member in their country. Previous applicants have included ministries of health, national dental associations, non-governmental organizations, and universities.

To determine eligibility, prospective applicants must submit financial documentation and a comprehensive project proposal. Applications must include detailed objectives as well as planning, implementation and evaluation stages.

A maximum of two projects are selected for funding every year and each project receives up to 10,000 CHF.


Don’t delay – apply by 15 June


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