Register for the FDI-NCD Alliance webinar on collaborating for better health outcomes

25 October 2018 Noncommunicable diseases

The NCD Alliance and FDI are co-hosting a webinar on Tuesday, 27 November from 10:00-11:30 am (Central European Time). Registration is free and open to all.

It is widely acknowledged that oral diseases and other NCDs are closely linked and share modifiable common risk factors, including unhealthy diets high in sugar, tobacco use and alcohol consumption. The webinar, Oral Health & NCDs: How to collaborate and find common ground for better health outcomes, will focus on how the oral health and broader noncommunicable disease (NCD) community can accomplish their common goals by working together.

Specifically, it will outline the status and priorities of the global health agenda, as well as opportunities for action. Featuring two case studies from an FDI National Dental Association and NCD Alliance Coalition, the webinar will offer insights and tangible examples of integrating oral health into the NCD response.

A Q&A session will conclude the webinar, offering registrants the chance to engage directly with the speakers.


Please note that the webinar will also be recorded and posted online for future reference.


Katie Dain portraitLeveraging the NCD policy agenda for oral health to achieve an integrated response

Katie Dain, NCD Alliance CEO

Donna Kennedy portraitLearning from the field

The case of New Zealand: Action on sugary drinks

Donna Kennedy, sugary drinks spokesperson for the New Zealand Dental Association

Learning from the field

The case of...

Speaker to be confirmed

Chaz Jagait portraitAccelerating action on oral health and NCDs: Opportunities for action

Charanjit (Chaz) Jagait, FDI Communications & Advocacy Director

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