Call to all FDI National Dental Associations: Apply by 30 November for the FDI Smile Award

11 October 2018 Caries

FDI Smile Award 2019 applications

FDI is now accepting applications for the FDI Smile Award. The FDI Smile Award serves to support and promote preventive oral care at the local level.

The award, valued at US$5000, recognizes FDI member National Dental Associations that are currently implementing innovative and sustainable community outreach projects to improve oral health outcomes in their countries.

FDI encourages all interested National Dental Associations to apply. Eligible projects are not restricted to caries - they can address other oral health issues and diseases, provided that they have a strong focus on:

  1. oral health education
  2. oral health prevention and promotion

Application deadline: 30 November

For further information on the Caries Prevention Partnership, which aims to shift the focus of dental care from a restorative approach to an approach based on preventive dental medicine, please visit the Caries Prevention Partnership project page.

FDI wishes all National Dental Associations the best of luck with their applications.

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