Brush Day & Night positively impacts toothbrushing behavior of millions of children

27 June 2018 Prevention

A new Supplement published in the International Dental Journal highlights the results of a study carried out on almost 8,000 schoolchildren to evaluate the effectiveness of a 21-day oral health promotion and education programme. The study was carried out in 10 countries and demonstrated a positive impact on the knowledge and behaviour of children aged between 2–12 years in twice-daily toothbrushing with a fluoride toothpaste.

Reaching millions of children through Brush Day and Night

In 2005, FDI and Unilever Oral Care launched a partnership to raise awareness of oral health globally. Brush Day & Night is the third phase (Phase III) of this work which has been implemented in: Bangladesh, Chile, Greece, Indonesia, Morocco, Myanmar, Nigeria, The Philippines, Turkey and Vietnam.

Phase III experts, Prof. Melo and Prof. Frencken, conducted a longitudinal study on almost 8,000 schoolchildren to evaluate the effectiveness of the 21-day programme. The study analysis revealed the effectiveness of the 21-day programme in sustainably educating children to brush their teeth twice a day, with an optimal impact on those aged 7–9 years.

"Brush Day & Night is an enormous challenge but by working together we can significantly improve the oral health of millions of children and adults. Over 4 million people were directly reached by this initiative in 2016. I am very excited for what’s ahead… I encourage you to read the supplement to learn more about the project and its findings – the key outcomes and results speak for themselves!"
Dr Kathryn Kell, FDI President

Read the Supplement

The Supplement is freely available and can be accessed online through the International Dental Journal.

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