Keeping up with new technologies in adhesive dentistry

14 March 2018 Congress
Prof. Marco Ferrari portrait

Prof Marco Ferrari, Chair of the Department of Prosthodontics and Dental Materials and Dean of the School of Dental Medicine at the University of Siena, discusses the progress made possible by adhesive dentistry and considerations around digital dentistry.

In Buenos Aires, you will be lecturing on adhesive dentistry. What are some key elements that you would like to highlight from your lecture?

During my lecture, I’ll guide participants on how to address some of the ‘hot topics’ seen in daily dentistry. For instance, we can’t ignore the progress made possible by adhesive dentistry in terms of saving the tooth structure, aesthetics, and medium- and long-term results. However, we need to consider that even if technology develops fast and devices are now improved, they also face some limitations mainly due to anatomical conditions that can’t be changed and/or modified.

Therefore, dental practitioners need to know how ‘non-aggressive dentistry’, aesthetic dentistry, and new technologies can be combined in their daily practice and establish clinical parameters to evaluate the results.

Why is clinical acceptability of marginal seal in traditional, adhesive and digital dentistry up for debate?

The ‘clinical acceptability’ of dental restorations (both direct and indirect) was and is still an issue. To obtain an ‘acceptable margin’ of restorations is the result of different procedures carried out according to the skills and knowledge in using the materials and devices of the oral health professional.

What would you say are some of the challenges facing restorative dentistry today?

There are many challenges we face in restorative dentistry today. Some of these include improving the quality of restorations, fulfilling patient expectations, keeping costs under control, guaranteeing longevity of restorations, contributing to develop new technologies to standardize clinical procedures, and rising the status of dentistry all around the world.

What will lecture participants take away from your intervention?

Participants attending my lecture will get a clear and honest picture about new digital technologies; including how they work, what results can be guarantee from them, what can be expected in the future, how adhesive aesthetic dentistry can be useful for patients of any age, and how periodontal response to our treatment can help us in evaluating our daily job.

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