An important source of continuing education

07 November 2017 Congress
Dr Hande Sar Sancakli

Dr Hande Sar Sancakli, Vice-Chair of the FDI Education Committee, describes the FDI World Dental Congress as "an important source of continuing education" and outlines her view of a well-presented abstract.

Why should oral health professionals attend the World Dental Congress?

FDI is the principle representative body for dentists worldwide and provides an important source of continuing education through its World Dental Congress. Taking place in a different country every year, the congress is a major ‘meeting point’ for oral health professionals to network with peers and industry representatives. Oral health professionals should attend to benefit from the latest evidence- and practice-based scientific programme and participate in the vast and vibrant dental exhibition.

What is the added value of attending an international congress compared to national dental congresses?

The World Dental Congress is one of the biggest – even the oldest – international multidisciplinary congresses. For more than 100 years, it’s been combining science with a huge dental exhibition organized by the world’s leading companies and manufacturers. Distinguished lecturers from all over the world, along with rich scientific content and knowledge exchange are outstanding reasons to attend an international congress.

The comprehensive four-day programme offers an amazing platform for both oral health professionals and researchers to share ideas and learn about significant advances in dental research, treatment and care at the global level. Congress participants also receive exclusive access to more than 1,000 original research and case presentations from international institutions, they can attend sessions on top-priority global issues related to oral health, and they can meet with representatives from the international dental industry.

How does the World Dental Congress contribute to a dentist's continuing education?

Our main objective is to provide continuing professional development in all clinical disciplines of dentistry, along with an interdisciplinary approach that supports a broadened scope of practice and an expanded role to improve patients’ well-being.

The World Dental Congress contributes to this goal through its many sessions, which are accredited by the American Dental Association’s Continuing Education Recognition Programme (proving full credited session access to all congress participants). The overall scientific programme addresses each clinical specialty and practice, providing the latest update, best practice, and treatment approach.

What qualities will the Education Committee be looking for in the abstracts submitted?

Every year we receive more and more abstracts, which reflects the high-quality reputation of the congress. All submitted abstracts need to fulfil the criteria on originality, scientific methodology, and impact on scientific and clinical practice to reach an overall assessment. The abstracts are peer-reviewed by both local and international reviewers, and they are evaluated according to FDI’s International Dental Journal.

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