FDI delivers successful World Dental Congress and welcomes new president

02 September 2017 Congress

Last Friday saw the closing of another high-quality FDI World Dental Congress, held from 29 August—1 September in Madrid, Spain. Organized in collaboration with the Spanish Dental Association (Consejo General de Colegios Odontólogos y Estomatólogos de España) at IFEMA – Feria de Madrid, the congress welcomed more than 8,000 participants and featured courses in all fields of dentistry and oral health delivered by 130 experts from over 30 countries.

"Dental congresses are important health events. The health of the mouth is intimately tied up with the health of the body, so large events such as FDI congresses are extremely important in bringing the issue of oral health to the attention of policymakers – and the need to integrate oral health into all public health policy. A special thanks to the Spanish Dental Association for their work and dedication to ensure the success of the 2017 World Dental Congress."
Dr Patrick Hescot, FDI President (2015-2017) 

The congress saw the launch of the 2018 World Oral Health Day campaign ‘Say Ahh: Think Mouth, Think Health’ and held a special session titled ‘No health without oral health’ focusing on oral health and noncommunicable diseases. It also played host to this year’s World Oral Health Forum focusing on periodontal disease, which is associated with other systemic disease, including cancer.

Key decisions taken by the General Assembly

The FDI General Assembly is the organization’s supreme legislative and governing body. Important outcomes of the meetings in Madrid include the welcoming of new FDI members, handover of FDI presidency, elections/re-elections to the FDI Council and FDI Standing Committees, as well as the adoption of six new and three revised policy statements.

Dr Kathryn Kell officially assumes FDI presidency (2017-2019)

FDI membership welcomed two new regular members: the Mauritanian Dental Association and Uzbekistan Dental Association. FDI governance also underwent important changes, starting with the handover of the presidency to Dr Kathryn Kell from the American Dental Association. She began her two-year mandate on 1 September and succeeds Dr Patrick Hescot from the French Dental Association. Dr Gerhard Seeberger, Italian Dental Association (AIO), was elected President-Elect and began his two-year mandate on 1 September.

The General Assembly re-elected three Council members for another mandate: Dr Ashok Dhoble, Indian Dental Association; Prof. Takashi Inoue, Japanese Dental Association; and Dr Edoardo Cavalle, Italian Dental Association (ANDI). The General Assembly also welcomed two new members: Dr Maria Fernanda Atuesta Mondragon, Colombian Dental Association; Prof. Young-Guk Park, Korean Dental Association; and new FDI Speaker Dr Susie Sanderson, British Dental Association.

Among FDI Standing Committees, the Dental Practice Committee re-elected Dr Roland L'Herron, French Dental Association; the Membership Liaison and Support Committee re-elected Dr Georgios Tsiogas, Hellenic Dental Association; the Public Health Committee elected Prof Elham Kateeb, Palestine Dental Association; and the Science Committee re-elected Dr Philippe Calfon, French Dental Association. The FDI Council then elected Prof. Marzena Dominiak, Poland Dental Society, to the Education Committee and re-elected Prof. Wensheng Rong, Chinese Stomatological Association, to the Public Health Committee.

Policy statements are declarations laying out current FDI thinking on various issues related to oral health, oral health policies and the dental profession. This year, the General Assembly adopted six new policy statements: Advertisement in Dentistry, CAD/CAM Dentistry, Lifelong Oral Health, Odontogenic Pain Management, Quality in Dentistry, and Sustainability in Dentistry; and adopted three policy statements have undergone extensive revision: Continuing Dental Education, Dental Practice and Third Parties, and Promoting Oral Health Through Fluoride.

The next FDI World Dental Congress will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from 5-8 September 2018.

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