CPP publishes chairside guide for dentists and presents FDI Smile Awards

29 August 2017 Caries

FDI issued today a chairside guide to advise clinicians on restorative interventions with their patients. It was released on the opening day of the FDI World Dental Congress in Madrid, Spain (29 August–1 September) under the umbrella of the Caries Prevention Partnership (CPP), supported by Colgate.

"We believe this chairside guide is an easy reference tool for practicing clinicians and facilitates their decision-making on treatment options. Dentists see numerous patients in one day all with their specific needs and anticipated outcomes. The guide is a reminder of the objective of patient care for caries, which has to be the least invasive and, must necessarily involve the patient in the maintenance process."
Sophie Dartevelle, member of the FDI Public Health Committee 

The guide is conceived as a visual support, with easy-to-follow guidelines suitable for the dental practice. The goal is to reduce the impact of caries as early as possible, by preventing further tooth destruction and reversing the caries process in favor of remineralization, and ultimately empower the patient to improve and maintain their own oral health.

Rewarding preventive oral care promotion

The ‘FDI Smile Award’ is part of the CPP and serves to promote preventive oral care at local level. The award valued at US$4,000 recognizes member National Dental Associations that are making a difference in oral health through innovative and sustainable community outreach projects in their country. During the General Assembly, FDI announced that the winners of two categories of the 2017 Smile Awards were:


Confederación Odontológica de la República Argentina (CORA), for their national prevention programme – school health which aims to reduce oral diseases among vulnerable populations in Argentina through educational and promotional tools.

FDI President Patrick Hescot presents FDI Smile Award 2017 to Confederación Odontológica de la República Argentina.

"This award represents a recognition of our work and current trajectory and provides a new stimulus to continue working towards the objective that brings us together. The project’s purpose is to reach a wider, vulnerable school population. Access to oral health education is not available in many parts of the country and the prize money will help us extend coverage to the inaccessible rural areas away from the big cities, which are the most unprotected regions of our national territory."
Guillermo Rivero, President of CORA 


Stomatološka sekcija, Slovensko zdravniško društvo (SDV) for ‘Let's have clean teeth’, for Slovenian children to learn more about brushing their teeth through a brushing competition between schools.

FDI President Patrick Hescot presents FDI Smile Award 2017 to the Slovenian Dental Association.

"With the FDI Smile Award opening more doors for us, we hope to involve the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Slovenia to even more vigorously support our project and help us in placing dental cabinets in every Slovenian classroom and thus make the smile wider and brighter for every child."
Matej Leskosek, member of the Executive Board of Stomatološka sekcija, SDV, and coordinator of ‘Let's have clean teeth’ 

Making prevention a priority

Launched in 2015, the CPP is an international effort to help shift the focus of dental practitioners from a restorative approach to preventive dental medicine. It seeks to enhance oral disease prevention through high quality caries educational communication materials and activities that target professionals, patients and the general public. Available resources include a White Paper on Dental Caries Prevention and Management released last year and complimentary webinars, summit workshop proceedings, and an advocacy toolkit.

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