Celebrate World Oral Health Day this 20 March

09 March 2017 World Oral Health Day

In a world where 3.9 billion people suffer from oral disease, raising awareness on the importance of good oral health and its impact on general health and well-being is more relevant than ever.

Whether you are an oral health professional or a concerned individual, the time is now to take a stand for oral health. This 20 March on World Oral Health Day (WOHD), ‘Live Mouth Smart’ and celebrate healthy mouths at all ages.

A simple message: to ‘Live Mouth Smart’

This year’s campaign focus has been all about empowering people to make smart choices for their mouths by adopting good oral hygiene habits, avoiding risk factors, and having a regular dental check-up from early in life to help maintain optimal oral health into old age.

A healthy mouth is important every day. ‘Live Mouth Smart’ and be confident through life, express yourself though life, feel attractive through life.

A functional mouth is also important every day, especially as we get older. ‘Live Mouth Smart’ and chew though life, laugh through life, taste through life.

This WOHD 2017, lend your voice to the global campaign and help us spread the ‘Live Mouth Smart’ message across continents and make yourself heard!

Spreading the word

This year we revamped the WOHD website and provided a wide range of resources to help you organize a successful campaign, including:

Most resources are available in English, French and Spanish.

A global movement

WOHD is truly a global event and would not be the success that it is without the commitment and dedication of people like you. This year, we already know of activities taking place in all five continents – from Ireland to Nigeria to Brazil – people are organizing public lectures, school talks, screenings and more.

To find out other events happening near you – or to submit your own – check our worldwide map of events and see how you can get involved this 20 March.

World Oral Health Day events map