In memoriam: former Scientific Chair Prof. Ivar Mjør

01 February 2017

FDI has just learnt of the passing on 6 January of former Science Committee Chair Ivar Mjør (Norway). In that role, Prof. Mjør was a major facilitator of FDI-WHO scientific cooperation, which resulted most notably in the WHO Consensus Statement on Dental Amalgam, adopted by the FDI General Assembly in September 1997 in Seoul, Korea (Republic of).

An expert in the field of dental materials, Prof. Mjør was appointed founding (1972) Director of the Nordic Institute of Dental Materials Testing (NIOM) and subsequently professor (1993) in the College of Dentistry at the University of Florida. He was internationally recognized in the field of testing and development of dental materials, published over 300 scientific works and was awarded an honorary doctorate at six universities.

“Those who have been lucky enough to have worked with Ivar Mjør found him an inspirational teacher, a direct and energetic mentor and an enthusiastic collaborator. In addition to his academic work, which influenced dental research and dental practice, he was also a former president of the Norwegian Dental Association and of the IADR,” said fellow Norwegian Dr Harry-Sam Selikowitz, Chair of the FDI Science Committee. “He was scientifically curious and a brilliant researcher. Ivar Mjør was generous with his knowledge: he could be critical, but always constructive. His contribution to the field of dentistry and the dental profession is exceptional.”

An obituary in the Aftenposten, Norway's largest printed newspaper by circulation, notes that “Ivar Andreas Mjør will be remembered as a dedicated and fearless debater on biology and dental fillings, pushing for minimal interventions in the dental therapy and as a leader in clinical research, today termed as practice-based research network. His textbooks on dental tissue anatomy is standard works that are used in the teaching of dental students worldwide, and his research has been important for the development of modern tissue-dental fillings.”

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