FDI presents first Smile Awards, launches White Paper on caries management

08 September 2016 Caries

FDI has presented its first Smile Awards to winners from the Dental Associations of Cambodia and Palestine. The Awards, an integral part of the Caries Prevention Partnership (CPP) between FDI and Colgate, took place during a special ceremony on 6 September during the FDI General Assembly. The CPP has also just launched a White Paper ‘Dental Caries Prevention and Management’.

The Cambodian Dental Association won its Smile Award in the sustainability category for SEAL CAMBODIA, an exciting project to save children's teeth in Cambodia, where the levels of dental decay are among the highest in the world.

SEAL CAMBODIA was launched in 2012 for an initial three-year period. Its aim was to prevent tooth decay by providing preventive dental sealants and oral health education to 60,000 children age six to eight.

The Cambodian Dental Association is one of several local partners, which also include the Oral Health Office of the Ministry of Health and the Faculty of Dentistry at the International University, Cambodia.

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The Palestinian Dental Association for its ‘Innovative Oral Health Promotion and Early Disease Prevention Delivery Programme’. The programme was implemented at Ministry of Health Maternal and Child Health Care Centres in East Jerusalem and other parts of Palestine.

The purpose of the study is to determine whether a combination of pre- and post-natal preventive and behavioural interventions is effective - in preventing early childhood caries in young children with problematic access to care. The project aims to integrate oral health messages into general health messages.

The Palestinian Dental Association’s other project partners are Al-Quds University Faculty of Dental Medicine and the Ministry of Health.

Managing Dental Caries
The White paper ‘Dental Caries Prevention and Management’, developed by the CPP, outlines strategies to prevent and manage dental caries (tooth decay) through concerted action by oral health professionals, policymakers and the general public.

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