FDI wraps 2015 with 4 projects already launched and 2 initiatives underway

27 November 2015

FDI launched four new partnership-projects during 2015 as well as two new initiatives during the latter part of the year. All partnership projects are carried out in cooperation with FDI member national dental associations in the countries involved.

Brush Day & Night constitutes Phase III of FDI’s long-standing partnership with Unilever and will run until the end of 2016. With a continued focus on brushing twice daily with a fluoride toothpaste, a key objective will be to empower children to become advocates for improving oral health. In addition, the Partnership Global Team will continue to work with other National Dental Associations on World Oral Health Day (WOHD) events and activities in 2016. More about Brush Day & Night.

Smile around the world is a joint project with Ivoclar Vivadent AG which seeks to promote oral health and prevention among disadvantaged children with limited access to oral health care in Brazil and India. The aim is to raise awareness of oral health in disadvantaged rural and urban communities through cultural and educational programmes that directly involve and entertain. The rationale is that good oral hygiene learned at an early age will help ensure good oral health throughout the life-course. More about Smile around the World.

The Caries Prevention Partnership (CPP) with Colgate is a new initiative to enhance oral disease prevention through high quality caries educational communication materials and activities that target professionals, patients and the general public. One of its first activities is the FDI Smile Award which will be given to FDI Regular or Associate members for innovative and sustainable community outreach programs in their countries. More about the Caries Prevention Partnership (CPP).

The Oral Health for an Ageing Population Partnership with GC International AG will seek to establish the fundamental role of oral health professionals in healthy longevity. It will further study opportunities for improved oral disease prevention and treatment of elderly patients and actively promote awareness of research on oral health in an ageing populations. One of the partnership’s elements will be to organize a conference dedicated to the subject once every two years, with first two-day session planned in Lucerne, Switzerland, in May 2016. More on the Oral Health for an Ageing Population Partnership.

FDI initiatives
New initiatives include the Global Periodontal Health Project (GPH), officially launched at the first meeting of the Task Team on 31 October and 1 November and the Quality in Dentistry (QID) workshop, held a few days earlier. Both events took place in Amstelveen in the Netherlands. More on FDI initiatives.

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