Education for caries prevention: FDI’s new Caries Prevention Partnership

30 September 2015

FDI’s new Caries Prevention Partnership was launched with a Caries Management Summit and Workshop held during the recent FDI Annual World Dental Congress in Bangkok.

The Caries Prevention Partnership (CPP) is a new initiative to enhance oral disease prevention through high quality caries educational communication materials and activities that target professionals, patients and the general public. Partnership members are FDI and Colgate.

FDI Smile Award
One of the first CPP activities is the FDI Smile Award which will be given to FDI Regular or Associate members for innovative and sustainable community outreach programs in their countries. Under the CPP, any FDI Regular or Associate member can submit their existing prevention outreach activities for review by an expert panel. 

A prize, the FDI Smile Award, of USD 4,000 will be given for the most effective projects.  There are two categories: most innovative project and best sustainable community outreach programme.  

Project submission is ongoing, with a deadline of 15 November 2015 for all applications.  After an expert review, FDI will announce the winners of the FDI Smile Award by the end of 2015. The Award ceremony will take place during the FDI 2016 Annual World Dental Congress in Poznan, Poland (7 to 10 September 2016).

Healthy teeth an asset
“Healthy teeth are an asset to everyone. We want caries prevention to be easy, accessible and inexpensive: but we need to get the caries prevention message across,” said Dr Marsha Butler,  VP,  Global Oral Care, Colgate-Palmolive, “What we are rewarding in the Caries Prevention Partnership is the most innovative ways and the ones that have the most impact in the community.”

Said FDI Councillor Dr Alvaro Roda: “International consensus on best practice is key to FDI’s operations. The prize-winning projects will serve as models for future activities in education and prevention.”

The proceedings from the Caries Management Summit and Workshop will be published at a later date. CPP will feature a White Paper on caries prevention and other projected CPP initiatives, such as an advocacy toolkit, webinars and a dedicated website.

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