FDI unveils WOHD 2015 ‘Smile for life’ campaign in New Delhi

23 September 2014 World Oral Health Day

FDI unveiled its World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 2015 campaign in New Delhi on 10 September, first at a luncheon, where campaign posters and other materials were on display, then at a special forum of FDI National Liaison Officers (NLOs).

The 2015 theme is ‘Smile for Life’, merging two concepts: ‘a lifelong smile’ and ‘celebrating life’, both reflected in the campaign materials — toolkit, media and PowerPoint templates and, coming soon, posters and banners — available for download from www.worldoralhealthday.org.

It was especially important to top launch WOHD 2015 at the NLO forum: NLOs are responsible for maintaining two-way communications between FDI and its member national dental associations. They therefore play a key role in ensuring the success of World Oral Health Day at national level.

The bar is set high for next year, as 2014 was the most successful WOHD ever, with celebrations taking place in well over 100 countries on all continents.