FDI New Delhi 2014: a congress of breadth and variety

22 July 2014

The breadth and variety of the congress scientific programme is worthy of the high ambition of FDI New Delhi 2014 to be the ‘must-attend’ dental event of the year. It covers more than 25 key topics in dentistry, from endodontics, oral medicine and preventive dentistry to practice management and the latest innovations in imaging and digital dentistry.

Registrations are now well over 10,000, with still three weeks to register: late registrations close on 15 August.

Altogether, the FDI New Delhi 2014 offers some 140 ADA CERP accredited sessions over four days. The latest information on the Scientific Programme is now online.


In terms of its international focus and outreach, the 2014 Annual World Dental Congress equals and, in many cases, excels similar dental events anywhere in the world. Its prestigious panel of more than 100 speakers is drawn from 20 different countries worldwide, while the programme for the local audience offers an outstanding selection of lectures by Indian experts.

FDI New Delhi 2014 also offers an international networking platform for dentists and dental researchers willing to share their research activities within their community and benefit from feedback from internationally-recognized experts.

The latest information on the Scientific Programme is now online, listing some 140 sessions alongside the biographies of the 39 international and 62 national speakers.

Innovative sessions
A full programme of FDI’s innovative ‘Early Morning’ and ‘Meet the Expert’ sessions, first introduced at the 100th FDI Annual World Dental Congress in Hong Kong, is also on offer. Subjects covered in ‘Early Morning’ sessions include practice management, infection control, paediatric dentistry and prosthodontics.

Subjects covered during the ‘Meet the Expert’ sessions include periodontics, hypomineralization, anaesthetics, endodontics, Minimal Invasive Dentistry (MID) for managing dental caries and prosthodontics.

Oral cancer is the most common form of cancer in the Indian sub-continent, a fact reflected in a special, full-day oral cancer symposium on 11 September, with a panel of leading international  and Indian experts. Six hands-on courses have also been organized on the subject of laser dentistry.

All special sessions are subject to a supplementary charge. More information on the special sessions is availabe on the congress website.

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