FDI adopts six Policy Statements

23 September 2014 Policy

The FDI General Assembly, meeting in New Delhi on 13 September, adopted five Policy Statements with little comment. A sixth Policy Statement on ‘Dental Implants’ inspired a lively debate, but was finally adopted subject to certain amendments.

The adopted Policy Statements were: ‘Perinatal and infant oral health’, ‘Radiation safety in dentistry’,  ‘Early detection of HIV infection and appropriate care of subjects with HIV infection/AIDS’, ‘Promoting oral health through water fluoridation’ and  ‘Dental amalgam and the Minamata convention on mercury’.

Certain amendments to the Policy Statement on ‘Dental Implants’ were carried by a very narrow majority. It was adopted on the understanding that a new proposal could be made to the General Assembly in 2015.

An essential part of FDI’s work

In an interview following the General Assembly, FDI President Dr Tin Chun Wong said: “I congratulate both the Dental Practice and Science Committee for the volume and breadth of the work they undertook in 2014. Policy Statements are an essential part of FDI’s work. Distributed to National Dental Associations, they provide guidance on a wide range of issues related to oral health and dentistry. They therefore play a large part in ‘Leading the World to Optimal Oral Health’.

Nine new or revised FDI Policy Statements are currently under consideration, seven within the FDI Science Committee (SC), two within the Dental Practice Committee (DPC). The two committees have already nominated project leaders and expert consultants to move ahead with the work.