FDI adopts its Strategic Plan 2014-2017

23 September 2014

Members adopted the FDI Strategic Plan 2014-2017 during General Assembly B, held 13 September 2014 in New Delhi. Considered both realistic and visionary, it contains a programme of activities designed to ensure respect priorities and commitments laid down.

The Plan is the result of a twelve-month reflection within FDI and has benefited from significant contributions from all stakeholders. Its final details were put together during a special workshop held in Mexico City within the context of the FDI mid-year meetings.

A leadership role

In presenting the plan during General Assembly A on 9 September, President-Elect Dr Patrick Hescot placed emphasis on the importance for FDI to have a leadership role within the health community. He said the strategy should focus on strengthening membership as a first priority; improving communication to strengthen FDI’s leadership role to promote oral health around the world; and strengthening FDI as a whole.

Dr Hescot emphasized the need to develop activities to increase financial resources, such as partnerships and continued education and strengthen the congress financial model. Externally, he highlighted the need to identify solutions to better serve underprivileged communities and strengthen relationships with WHO, UN and other health organizations.

At governance level, the President-Elect acknowledged the need to improve training and education for all volunteers to work more effectively – as they are the lifeblood of FDI. He encouraged cultural diversity within in FDI and expressed his pleasure at seeing an increasing number of people with different cultural backgrounds applying for leadership positions.

Read the FDI Strategic Plan 2014-2017

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