Worlds apart, WOHD 2014 celebrated from Vanuatu to New York City

02 April 2014

The Pacific Island state of Vanuatu, population 247,262* (World Bank 2012), joined over 100 countries worldwide to ‘celebrate healthy smiles’ on World Oral Health Day 2014. Over 13,500 km away, New York City celebrated with a video outside the NASDAQ stock exchange.

On 20 March, a Mobile Dental clinic among the palm trees in the Vanuatu capital Port Vila provided free dental treatment to disadvantaged Ni-Vanuatu**. Vanuatu is located 16 00 South, 167 00 East in the Pacific Ocean, just over 2,700 km from Papua New Guinea, the nearest large landmass, and respectively 2939 km and 3619 km from New Zealand and Australia. WOHD2014_Vanuatu_04
WOHD2014_NYC_03 13,500 km away, World Oral Health Day was celebrated among the bright lights of world metropolis New York City, with a fun video of Ivoirian and Manchester City footballer Yaya Touré encouraging passers-by to brush, rinse and chew for World Oral Health Day. The video was projected outside the NASDAQ stock exchange courtesy of WOHD official international sponsor Henry Schein, Inc.

*World Bank
**Ni-Vanuatu: the indigenous population of Vanuatu.

Watch the Yaya Touré video projected outside the NASDAQ stock exchange

Watch outtakes from the Yaya Touré video

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