East Africa pilot project

UNEP-WHO-IDM-FDI Pilot Project

Capacity building workshop on dental amalgam best management practices, prevention and alternative materials
Kampala, Uganda, 6-7 March 2013

The objective of the EADAP project is to explore essential conditions for a phase down in the use of dental amalgam by:

  1. Investigating the current supply and trade of dental amalgam and materials alternative to amalgam and make recommendations for future information systems.
  2. Assessing the current waste management practices in the three East African countries.
  3. Raising awareness of preventive dental care and encouraging a switch to appropriate alternatives to dental amalgam, when clinically indicated, among dentists and patients.
  4. Demonstrating environmentally sound management of dental restoration materials waste in selected dental facilities in the three countries.

Kampala 1

About the workshop

The content of this workshop should be used by local trainers to train local oral health care professionals and waste management personnel at the 3x3 pilot sites. The course is based on hands-on skills development and organized at the Kampala dental school, involving a few patients for practical training of the participants.

Target audience: Dental educators, waste management personnel, local trainers in East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda)

Aim: Provide capacity building, training and education on:

  1. Mercury life cycle, impacts, the UNEP Global Mercury Partnerships and the Minamata Convention on Mercury
  2. BMP on dental restorative materials usage and environmentally sound waste management
  3. Information on alternative dental filling materials
  4. Clinical preventive dentistry

Kampala 2

FDI thanks the International Dental Manufacturers (IDM) and Dental Recycling North America (DRNA) for their financial support in organizing this activity and all the companies which donated material to support this workshop.

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