Travel Grants for Members

Travel grants to attend the World Dental Parliament meetings and scientific programme at the FDI World Dental Congress are available to FDI Members only and not open to the general public. FDI National Dental Association Regular Members from low and low middle income countries can apply for a travel grant and receive up to 60% of the cost of the trip. This allows for FDI Members who wouldn't normally have the means to attend the FDI General Assembly to attend and be a part of the the FDI decision-making process. The Travel Grant project is lead by the Membership Liaison and Support Committee, who review and select successful applicants.

The beneficiaries of the Travel Grant receive up to 60% of round trip travel expenses to the venue of the World Dental Congress where the World Dental Parliament is held, accommodation (bed and breakfast) during the Congress, and free registration.
The individuals, in their turn, should attend the Business Meetings of the World Dental Parliament and provide FDI with a detailed report of the meetings they attended, as well as the benefits to the attendee and their organization.

The call for travel grant applications is sent out each spring to the FDI Member associations eligible for the grant.

Aims of the Travel Grant

  • Enable Members from low and low middle income countries to have equal access to the General Assembly and other Business Meetings. Ideally all Member Associations should be represented by at least one delegate at the General Assembly.
  • Increase number of delegates from developing countries participating in decisions taken at the General Assembly, as these decisions impact the oral health programmes of all countries; therefore, representation and participation from Members of developing countries is essential.
  • Give individuals the opportunity to attend part of the scientific programme and the trade exhibition, which will enable participants to take new scientific developments back to their dental associations and countries.

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