25.10.16 - New perspectives on oral health

25 October 2016
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New perspectives on oral health
FDI President Dr Patrick Hescot
FDI enjoys an extremely brief hiatus in the post-congress period, then returns to intense activity that characterizes our federation. In the immediate aftermath, priorities have been to move forward with two crucial activities: the new FDI oral health definition, which is now published on the FDI website; and the World Oral Health Day 2017 campaign Live Mouth Smart where, further to the launch in Poznan, additional resources are being developed for our member associations and will be available soon.
Activities are also moving forward rapidly in other areas, notably the finalizing of a four-year partnership agreement between FDI and the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI), the world’s largest provider of continuing dental implant education. The goal is to bridge the current knowledge gap on peri-implant diseases among oral health and health care professionals.
With the aim of strengthening FDI-NDA relations, I was also privileged to participate in several member events including the Indian Dental Association World Dental Show (Mumbai, 7–9 October) and the Annual Meeting of the American Dental Association (20–24 October).
New FDI oral health definition now available in six languages
I announced in my September letter that the General Assembly in Poznan had unanimously adopted a new definition for oral health, which positions it as an integral part of general health and well-being.

Since then, the project has progressed rapidly. The definition is now available in the six official United Nations (UN) languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish) as well as German, an official FDI language. Please download the definition and share it through your networks: fdiworldental.org/oral-health-definition. If you translate it into a language not currently available, please share this with the FDI Secretariat in Geneva so that we can also publish it. We will credit your organization accordingly hence giving you some extra visibility.

The new definition will allow us to develop standardized assessment and measurement tools for consistent data collection on a global level and provide philosophic support to FDI’s oral health advocacy within the World Health Organization and other UN agencies – as well as at national level through our member national dental associations (NDAs).

WOHD 2017: keep us informed
After the official launch of the WOHD 2017 campaign in Poznan, FDI is working on finalizing key tools to help in the activation of local activities. These include the official member toolkit in English, French and Spanish and special toolkit in English developed for our corporate partners.

In 2016 WOHD activities were identified in 143 countries globally, with dental associations in 94 countries involved, most of them FDI members. That exceeds figures registered in previous years but still falls short of the total number of FDI member countries, now over 130. Our aim is for all members to develop a celebratory activity in support of our 2017 campaign, so I very much urge you all to get involved and let us know well in advance what your plans are. An online map of events will be developed where you will be able to upload your activities directly. If you have any queries or are looking for advice, contact FDI [wohd@worldoralhealthday.org]. We look forward to working with you to make WOHD a truly global campaign covering every region.
Peri-implantitis: bridging the knowledge gap
The goal of the proposed four-year partnership between FDI and the ICOI is to develop joint activities around the theme of implantology with a special focus during the initial two years on the Peri-Implant Diseases Project ('PIDP'). Activities envisaged include an experts’ workshop, set tentatively for April 2018, with a view to upgrading the knowledge of oral health and health care professionals on peri-implant diseases. FDI and ICOI will define at a later stage the activities for the second half of the partnership.

The new partnership will be a huge step forward in bridging the current knowledge gap about peri-implant diseases among key stakeholders. Other key issues that need to be addressed include the lack of updated and adapted continuing education and a relevant and harmonized curriculum on peri-implant diseases and the need to develop updated recommendations and guidelines for oral health professionals.

Strengthening member relations
I attended the Annual Meeting of the American Dental Association (Denver 20–24 October), where I received the usual warm welcome and participated in the meeting of the House of Delegates, the ADA equivalent of the FDI General Assembly. On the side-lines, I was able to discuss a wide variety of oral health and continuing education issues with friends and colleagues including FDI President-Elect Kathy Kell and National Liaison Officer Greg Chadwick.

It was also a great honour and privilege to receive the President’s Citation Award from ADA at a brief ceremony during the President’s reception. The ADA Annual Meeting was also an occasion to congratulate immediate Past-President Carol Gomez Summerhays on an exceptional twelve-month presidency and welcome newly-appointed President Dr Gary Roberts.

World Dental Show
Earlier in October, I was with our colleagues at the Indian Dental Association first in Goa and then in Mumbai to attend the opening of the World Dental Show. Organized by FDI member the Indian Dental Association, this is one of Asia’s biggest oral health events, responding to the ever-increasing demand for the latest technologies, cutting-edge research and dentistry techniques in the national and regional market.

It was a great pleasure to meet again with friends involved in the highly successful FDI 2014 World Dental Congress and with Council colleague Ashok Dhoble. The World Dental Show is attended by policymakers from the Indian government and allied health professionals from throughout Asia. My address to the opening was therefore also an occasion for me to highlight measures taken in India that have translated into improvements in the oral health of Indian citizens over the past two decades.

I was also pleased to congratulate the Indian Dental Association on the launch of its ‘Smoke-Free Home’ campaign under the Tobacco Intervention Initiative. The campaign will target 5–15 year-olds in schools throughout India. Dentists will visit the schools to raise awareness among children and their parents about the ill effects of second-hand smoke.

FDI partner J. Morita Corporation celebrated its 100th anniversary on 14 October. Morita has been one of FDI’s most loyal and supportive partners for over one decade. Indeed, it has been present as an exhibitor and partner at all our memorable FDI World Dental Congresses in recent times.

It is a pleasure to recognize the immense contribution Morita, as a leading manufacturer of safe high-quality dental equipment and products, to oral health of populations around the world.


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