22.06.16 - New initiatives new opportunities

22 June 2016
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New initiatives, new opportunities

FDI President Dr Patrick Hescot

The past couple of months have been especially rich in opportunities for FDI, allowing us to: demonstrate the viability and demand for regional congresses; progress in key project areas; strengthen working relations with our key partner, the International Association for Dental Association (IADR); and reinforce the status of oral health during the World Health Assembly.

We have also wound down 'Smile Around the World' with partner Ivoclar-Vivadent. The first evaluation shows a high-level of satisfaction with the programme by both organizers and participants in Brazil and India.


We have just received a very positive preliminary report on World Oral Health Day 2016 as well as some excellent entries for FDI awards to members of the International Association for Dental Students (IADS) for best events and photographs.

June is particularly active with the ramping up of promotional efforts for the Annual World Dental Congress (AWDC) 2016, taking place in Poznan, Poland; together, with intensive preparation of the associated World Dental Parliament and FDI business meetings for members.

Regional success

Encouraged by the success of the first FDI Persian Regional Congress (Tehran, 16-20 May), FDI is now moving forward with a new exciting regional project. It has just signed an agreement with our member, the Association Marocaine de Prévention Bucco-dentaire (AMPBD) - Moroccan Dental Association - to hold the first FDI African Regional Congress in Marrakesh from 27-29 April 2017.

We look forward to working with our local partners to develop an exceptional regional event and promote this important new step in FDI's Strategy for Africa.

IADR: strengthening ties

The 94th General Session & Exhibition of the IADR is taking place in Seoul, Republic of Korea from 22-25 June. FDI will be present to update members of the IADR board on the status of implementation of our 2014-2017 Strategic Plan, current priorities and key FDI programmes such as World Oral Health Day.

Our presence at the IADR board is also an opportunity to identify future areas of concern, where we can collaborate in projects for oral health research and dental practice. In the meantime, our cooperation is greatly enhanced by the institutional presence of an IADR delegate to the FDI Science Committee.

Global Periodontal Health

June was also an opportunity to explore elements of the Global Periodontal Health (GPH) Project. With this in mind, we held a session on 13 June with three experts on the feasibility of developing activities around the topic of 'Peri-implant disease'.

It is too early to report fully at this stage but our conversations were very constructive and I would like to thank Science Committee Chair Dr Harry-Sam Selikowitz and Profs. Jean-Louis Giovannoli (France), Stefan Renvert (Sweden) and Joerg Meyle (Germany) for agreeing to attend and contributing to our discussions.

Implant companies have expressed a strong interest in the GPH project: it offers an opportunity to integrate specific activities to reduce the rate of implant-related complications and failures. It is envisaged that the peri-implant disease sub-project could be used to support the launch of the overall GPH project.

The global health agenda

The aim of our interventions at the 69th World Health Organization (WHO) World Health Assembly (WHA69) was to ensure that an oral health component is integrated into WHO strategic objectives and their associated action plans. This was the case for the 'Draft global strategy and plan of action on ageing', where oral health has been integrated in the strategic objectives but is absent from the plan of action.

Our aim in commenting on the draft was to identify ways that oral health could be integrated into national plans of action based on the global strategy. The documents on noncommunicable diseases and on maternal, infant and young child nutrition were at a much earlier stage of drafting/endorsement. We will be keeping an eye on the progress of the revised texts.

'Smile around the world'

The FDI 'Smile around the world' project was successfully completed. We would like to thank our partner Ivoclar-Vivadent for their support at all project stages and the experts who helped us analyze needs as well as contribute to the development and review of the project activities and literature. Congratulations to our members the Brazilian Association of Dental Surgeons (ABCD) and the Indian Dental Association (IDA), who played a key role in implementing the project at a national level.

Both associations also performed the invaluable task of evaluating project materials. In India, all stakeholders ranked the programme either useful or very useful, with over 90% agreeing that the materials supplied were well adapted to children. In Brazil, 96% found the characters and situations illustrated the '7 Steps to Oral Health' suitable for the age group targeted. Comments included "Excellent quality, perfect for the theme and understanding" and "entirely appropriate".

World Oral Health Day 2016

The initial evaluation of World Oral Health 2016 showed very positive results with a high-level of engagement globally. It is encouraging to see that we are on a continued trajectory of growth within the dental community and are expanding the reach or our prevention messages thanks to NDA communication and activities registered in 90 countries. It's also useful to note that governments and public health authorities are demonstrating increasing support for the WOHD initiative, with ministers of health or other public health officials attending events.

There was significant social media activity with well over 67 million impressions, which gives an indication on the number of times WOHD content was displayed. Communication via traditional and online media comprised 703 pieces of coverage across the globe with an estimated reach of over 56 million people worldwide.

It's certainly a pleasure to report this year's exceptional results because they indicate that WOHD is finding its own special place in 'World Days' celebrated on a global scale. Increased recognition and support will inevitably have a positive impact on perceptions of oral health promotion and disease prevention among decision-makers and members of the general public.

We thank all our member associations, corporate partners and everyone who celebrated WOHD globally, for your efforts in helping to make the campaign as successful as possible. We look forward to your continued support in 2017.

World Dental Parliament

We are now in the preparatory stages of the World Dental Parliament, with special attention focused on the General Assembly binder. This contains preliminary reports and background for the discussions that will take place at the AWDC in Poznań.

I would therefore appreciate all delegations to the General Assembly reading the contents in advance because the binder is the basis of our work: we want our meetings in Poznan to be as productive as possible.

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