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27 March 2019


Dr Kell visiting a school for WOHD in Egypt

FDI President Kathy Kell

Dr Kathryn Kell

FDI President

I was thrilled to see all the impressive activities that took place on and around World Oral Health Day 2019. It was a successful campaign and thank you to everyone who participated!

Celebrating World Oral Health Day

World Oral Health Day (WOHD) is the largest global awareness campaign on oral health. This year, our campaign, Say Ahh: Act on Mouth Health, called on individuals, communities and countries to promote and prioritize oral health. WOHD 2019 was a truly global event and we look forward to sharing WOHD’s impact report soon.

Dr Kell visiting school in Cairo for WOHD

This World Oral Health Day, I was in Cairo, Egypt for an excellent celebration organized by Unilever Mashreq’s oral care brand Signal. The event was attended by Mariano Sampietro, Global Vice President Oral Care Smile Brand and Professional Marketing Unilever, and Sherine Moneim, Personal Care Director and Executive Board Member of Unilever Mashreq, Bruno Maes, UNICEF Representative in Egypt, and many other key oral health stakeholders. There was also wide-spread media coverage of the event, which was amazing and helped spread our WOHD message across Egypt.

In the days leading up to WOHD, I participated in celebrations at the October 6 University, British University of Egypt (BUE) and Canadian University of Egypt. I was also part of many WOHD activities that involved and taught children about good oral health. At an event organized by the Egyptian Dental Association (EDA) and BUE, I saw an educational performance for children with magicians, characters in costumes and other entertainment to demonstrate best practices to follow good oral health. I also went with Unilever Mashreq’s oral care brand Signal and the EDA to the Al Ahram Integrated Elementary School (affiliated with the Canadian University) for a WOHD event with 7-8-year-old school children. We were entertained with skits, videos, singalongs, pamphlets, and “Yes”/“No” contests on what is good oral health for children.

Dr Kell visiting school in Cairo for WOHD

Together with Mariano Sampietro and Sherine Moneim, I appeared on a TV show that was hosted by Osama Kamal – the most popular man on Egyptian TV. We spoke about the benefits of good oral health, how oral health can affect overall health, and issues about oral health in Egypt. This was particularly interesting as many people viewed this show and it was aired in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan. I even had several people on the street tell me that they saw me on the show.

Digital dentistry at IDS

Before WOHD, I attended the biannual International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne, Germany. It is the world’s largest trade fair for the dental sector and this year it attracted over 160,000 trade visitors. Digitalization was a key theme at IDS 2019 – the latest digital innovations were on full display. Digital dentistry is becoming an integral part in the way we practice – every dental practice is or soon will be affected by digital dentistry. It will also be a hot topic discussed at the upcoming FDI World Dental Congress, which will take place from 4–8 September in San Francisco, United States. I hope you will join me at the congress to learn more.

Dr Kathryn Kell

FDI President


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