Happy holidays from everyone at FDI!

19 December 2018


FDI President Kathy Kell

Dr Kathryn Kell

FDI President

I want to thank all our members for their commitment to the science and practice of dentistry. In a world where 3.5 billion people suffer from untreated oral disease, you’re the ones who wake up every morning, ready to make a difference.

Happy holidays!

I’ll tell you that the greatest gift for me this holiday season is the honour to serve as your president.

I’ve had the privilege to attend unique, exceptional events dedicated to oral health organized by our members around the globe and I thank all of you who celebrated World Oral Health Day.

I’ve travelled to over 20 countries this year; each time, I’m reminded that, while we all share common challenges, we can also celebrate the progress we’ve made together to lead the world to optimal oral health.

By working closely with you and with support from our partners, we’ve been able to make better oral care a reality for countless children and adults around the world.

From highlighting the link between oral health and overall health to publishing resources for oral health professionals, FDI is committed to supporting your efforts to provide the best care to each patient you treat and raise awareness of the importance of oral health in the communities you serve.

I’m hopeful we’ll build on this momentum in the years to come.

From all of us at FDI, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season with plenty of reasons to smile.

Dr Kathryn Kell

FDI President

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