18.07.16 - Special Letter from the President

18 July 2016
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Special Letter from the President

FDI President Dr Patrick Hescot

I want to start by expressing my thanks for the kind messages of concern I received from my many FDI friends and colleagues with regards the atrocities that took place in my home city of Nice on 14 July. The beautiful city of Nice, in the south of France was host to FDI Mid-Year Meetings in April 2016 and participants of this meeting have also sent their condolences, expressed sadness as well as provided support and messages of solidarity to extend to the Mayor and residents of Nice as well as the many families caught up in this tragedy.


Once again, the horror struck on Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity, taking the lives of 84 people to date and injuring hundreds more. Nice is not alone in suffering this year, there are many other cities and countries that have been targeted and every one of us, in these moments when a disaster causes so much pain and suffering to so many, want to do something to help. We want to contribute through our knowledge and skills in any way we can. Health professionals are the first in line to try and save lives and help heal people.

Dentists are there not only to treat the oro-dental traumas caused by the disaster, but as part of the immediate response team they also have the sad task of trying to help identify the victims. Every time such a horror occurs - man or nature handed - killing lots of people in tourist areas, dentists from around the world are mobilized to help the families and friends of victims mourn their loved ones. We all know how important it is for a family to be given a body to mourn.

FDI wants to honor the work of these dentists who in the immediate aftermath of any atrocity are there to help as part of the disaster relief team. It takes courage and a lot of altruism to go on a disaster site immediately after the horror occurred, to witness all the pain whilst carrying out the horrific but absolutely essential task of helping to identify loved ones.

FDI also recognizes the international cooperation necessary, after such horrors occur, and the need for expert dentists from around the world to communicate in order to prepare the files required for identification. Because at one moment, one dentist somewhere, has treated the victim, and recorded a file. That is why FDI strongly recommends every dentist around the world, keeps accurate patient files.

FDI is also aware of the difficulty in dealing with patient files available in different languages and formats, which is why we want to reaffirm our support and participation in the development of international standards for oro-dental identification files. As well as its integration in patient files software around the world to facilitate the preparation of ante-mortem data.

Dentists around the world must realize that there is something they can do, on a daily basis, that will be of critical importance during such tragedies. FDI requires the full support of its member NDAs to relay this statement and emphasize the need for accurate patient files.

Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are not just French national credo, they are values that have been attacked in France on its National Day as well as in other nations of the world and FDI fully defends, and endorses these values.

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