Global Periodontal Health Project

Gum health is often overlooked during daily oral health routines. Periodontal (gum) diseases including gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and periodontitis (inflammation of the tissue around the teeth, often causing shrinkage of the gums and loosening of the teeth), is among humanity’s most common diseases, affecting up to 50% of the adult population worldwide. Periodontal health is essential to general health and key to securing quality of life and well-being at every stage of life.

Up to 50% of the adult population worldwide, placing periodontal disease among humanity’s most common diseases.

When left untreated, periodontal disease can cause tooth loss (partial to complete edentulism) and is closely associated with other diseases including diabetes and cardiovascular disease, with which it shares common risk factors, e.g. unhealthy diet and tobacco use. Periodontal disease has a significant socio-economic impact on governments and populations worldwide, yet it remains a low priority and treatment is still unavailable in many countries.

The road to achieving periodontal health

The Global Periodontal Health Project (GPHP) was launched in October 2015 to reduce the burden of periodontal disease by raising awareness of its impact and engaging the public, oral health and other health professionals, educators, and policymakers in promoting periodontal health.

Project goals

Increase global awareness of periodontal health

Provide tools and resources to help reduce the disease burden and raise the priority of periodontal health at the national level

Integrate oral/periodontal health into policies addressing general health and NCDs by taking a common risk factor approach

The Global Periodontal Health Project is supported by Procter & Gamble.


GPHP Online Scorecard

This new online tool helps assess a patient's risk for periodontal disease and categorize the patient's risk profile as either low, medium or high.



In 2018, the GPHP experts hosted a symposium entitled 'Proactive prevention and effective periodontal care: Major challenges, scientific updates and key issues for success' at the 2018 FDI WDC. Main topics included global periodontal health challenges and related socio-economic impact; the new classification of periodontal and peri-implant disease; effective management of periodontal disease, as well as prevention, diagnosis and treatment; and periodontal care challenges, recommendations, solutions, and future perspectives.

World Oral Health Forum 2017: Global Periodontal Health: challenges, priorities, and perspectives