Overview of Current Projects

WDDF supports and monitors seven projects in Benin, Costa Rica, Mozambique, Nepal, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe.

Oral Health Awareness Project, Uganda (Newly Approved!)

  • Time Frame: April 2014 - April 2017 (30 months)
  • Aim: To promote, improve and maintain the oral health of the school children in Wakiso district through dental check up, prophylaxis (tooth scaling), health education on dietary habits and oral hygiene practices.
  • Activities: Healthcare professionals from the Naluvule Medical Centre will visit approximately 178 primary schools and 130 secondary schools to carry out an oral health education programme and scaling for needed school children up to 4 times monthly. Oral check up is also conducted for the children to determine the prevalence of dental diseases and will be referred for treatment when necessary.




Impact of Primary Health Care Providers in Reducing Early Childhood Caries in Socio-Economic Disadvantaged Children in Lima, Peru

  • WDDF PeruTime Frame: January 2011 - January 2015
  • Aim: To reduce Early Childhood Caries(ECC) in socially disadvantaged children.
  • Activities: Training of primary healthcare providers in dental care, detection of caries, referral of patients to dentists for early treatment and the development of an oral health information card to help primary healthcare providers monitor the oral health status of the young children.




Learn How to be Healthy, Guinea-Bissau

WDDF Guinea Bissau

  • Time Frame: March 2012-July 2014
  • Aim: To improve oral health care system through a better and more community-focused intervention.
  • Activities: Development of seminars for educators regarding public and oral health, and development of preventive campaigns.

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