Overview of Current Projects

WDDF supports and monitors projects in Cambodia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Vanuatu.

Oral Health: Well mother, well baby in Kenya

  • Time Frame: February 2019 - December 2020
  • About: A sustainable project to deliver oral health education and oral disease services at maternal and child health units by training healthcare workers and patients who present at seven high volume health centers in Uasin Gishu County.
  • Activities:
  1. Developing tools for oral health education, promotion and disease prevention (pamphlets, charts, audio, videos) for pregnant women, under 5's and their care givers attending MCH.

  2. Training of health care workers in maternal and child health clinics through development of a training manual, face-to-face interactions and seminars.


Angkor Wat Children’s Hospital: Treatment, education and prevention: improving the oral health of children in Cambodia 

  • Time Frame: January 2020 - December 2022
  • About: To improve the oral health and hygiene of 12,000 children in Cambodia by providing quality treatment, education and prevention at Angkor Health Centre’s (AHC) dental facility.
  • Activities:
  1. In 2000, AHC established a Dental Unit to combat the poor oral health that affects many Cambodian children. Today this Dental Unit is in high demand providing more than 50 treatments daily.
  2. This project will directly benefit children from across Cambodia, many of whom are from poor rural areas. Direct beneficiaries include 12,000 children aged 0 -16 years who receive dental treatments at AHC’s Dental Unit, including extractions, restoration, root canals, minor surgeries, and preventative measures.
  3. The project will also provide 260 education sessions to caregivers on oral health and hygiene in AHC’s Dental Unit waiting areas.

This project is funded thanks to a donation from Shofu.

Reducing inequality through dental outreach to primary school students in Tanzania

  • Time Frame: January 2020 - December 2020
  • About: Increase accessibility of oral health care in Tanzania by utilizing the skills of dental therapy students to reach a wider community of people who for economic, geographic and/or demographic reasons cannot access oral health care. While reaching those in need with proper dental education and screening, the project also helps dental therapists develop professionally.
  • Activities:
  1. Through enhancing education and skills development, dental therapy students will undergo an intensive two-week practical training program which provides an opportunity for practical community-based training to take place with theoretical training.
  2. Dental therapy students will be able to provide oral health education to primary school children to prevent them from developing oral diseases. At least 750 children will be reached per one outreach in one region.
  3. Additional oral health education sessions will continue taking place through video, audio and in-person presentations.

This project is funded thanks to a donation from Shofu. 

"Gudfala Tut Skul Projek (GFTSP)" in Vanuatu

  • Time Frame: January 2020 - December 2022
  • About: Implementing supervised tooth brushing in at least 10 schools in each of the two main urban centres, Port Vila and Luganville, as trials to then expand the projet into all urban and rural schools in Vanuatu. 
  • Activities:
  1. Adapting a well-established model (Childsmile, NHS Scotland) to the Vanuatu setting and offering:
    • supervised tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste in kindergartens and primary schools;
    • free dental packs for children to brush at home; and
    • twice yearly applications of fluoride varnish.
  2. Introducing toothpaste manufacture in Vanuatu utilising local labour and resources on a not-for-profit basis as a sustainable source of fluoride toothpaste for the supervised tooth brushing program. (Note: The viscosity of the paste has been carefully formulated to enable dispensing a pea-sized quantity of paste without touching the toothbrushes, thereby reducing the risk of cross-contamination). 
  3. Developing the concept of “Brush in a Box”, which consists of all the resources necessary to introduce and run the “Gudfala Tut Skul” project in schools, especially in isolated islands. “Brush in a Box” is to be developed in consultation with the Vanuatu Department of Education.

Traditional Folk/Song: A tool for oral hygiene promotion among children and teenageres in rural communities in Nigeria

  • Time Frame: January 2020 - August 2021
  • About: The goal is to determine the effect of traditional/folk song as a tool for oral hygiene promotion among children and teenagers in rural communities in Nigeria.
  • Activities:
  1. To develop a traditional/folk song on oral hygiene promotion: The music director of the University College Hospital Ibadan, Nigeria Sinfonia - a musical group comprising medical and dental students and a locally-based musician (Adio and His Alaguda traditional band) who resides in the project setting will develop a local song on good oral hygiene practices with inputs from parents, guardians and school teachers.
  2. To teach school children and their parents as well as school teachers the developed song: The song after it is validated by school children, parents and teachers in another locality with similar socio-demographic characteristics as lgboora will be taught to school children and teachers during morning assemblies and parents or legal guardians during Parents Teachers Association meetings by the music director and the locally ­based musician.
  3. To ensure that school children sing the song at home before breakfast, during morning assemblies and during health education lectures in their schools.




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