Letter from the President

Letter from the President: Happy holidays, everyone! Let’s get ready to welcome 2021

18 December 2020

This has been an unprecedented year that will be forever etched on our collective memory. Let’s make 2021 the best year yet for oral health.

Letter from the President: Exciting changes for the International Dental Journal and new courses on the FDI Oral Health Campus

25 November 2020

I am pleased to share a new development for the future of FDI’s official scientific journal, highlight the release of our white paper on antibiotic resistance, and invite you to register for the FDI Oral Health Campus webinars coming up in December.

Letter from the President: We must stand together to foster supportive working environments for all health professionals

28 October 2020

Oral health professionals have an important role to play in demanding stronger healthcare systems and more investment in the workforce to improve global health outcomes. Join me to Stand Up for Positive Practice Environments today. I’m also excited to announce the recent release of a new FDI digital assessment tool to accurately score a patient’s level of periodontal disease. Finally, please join me in remembering a dear departed colleague, Prof. Roy Duckworth CBE.

Letter from the President: News to share as we greet the autumn season

01 October 2020

While the season ahead may be uncertain, we can certainly count on FDI to deliver cutting-edge webinars and new resources to support oral health professionals around the world deliver optimal oral care to all. 

FDI World Dental Federation celebrates 120 years of leading the world to optimal oral health

15 August 2020

Happy birthday, FDI World Dental Federation! Today, we turn 120 years old.

Letter from the President

Letter from the President: Our FDI Oral Health Campus facilitates new era of online learning

23 June 2020

Knowledge transfer is an essential part of FDI’s strategy to lead the world to optimal oral health. To celebrate our 120-year anniversary this year, we launched our very own webinar platform, the FDI Oral Health Campus.

Letter from the President: A snapshot of hope and collective action in uncertain times

04 June 2020

Our comprehensive reporting post-World Oral Health Day shows staggering levels of engagement: we collected over 25,000 pledges for better oral health outcomes worldwide. We are also working side by side with our members to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak.


Staying safe and healthy during these difficult times

08 April 2020

These past few weeks have been a trying time for all of us: the COVID-19 pandemic has upended our world. 

A new decade to build ties near and far

03 February 2020

Happy New Year! I want to wish you all the best for 2020. This is the start of a very exciting decade for oral health.

Season's Greetings and Happy 2020!

23 December 2019

As we end another year, I am in awe of the significant progress we have all made together for oral health.

FDI President at BZAK

Paving the way towards optimal oral health

27 November 2019

Since my appointment in September I have met with many of our members to understand their national challenges and approaches. One thing has become very clear to me – our truly diverse membership share a united passion to improve oral health and the practice of dentistry.

Dr Seeberger with Polish Society

A united front for oral health

30 October 2019

It has been a thrill to fill the first few months of my presidency with fruitful exchanges on oral health with colleagues and friends from around the world.

Dr Seeberger receives presidential chain from Dr Kell

Tomorrow is now

30 September 2019

It is with great excitement that I write my first message to you as President of FDI. I want to begin by thanking each of you for your continued support of FDI, and for entrusting me as your President for the next two years. I am excited to hit the ground running with each and every one of you!

A heartfelt thank you

28 August 2019

As I write this last message with my term as FDI President winding down, I want to thank you, our members, for allowing me the opportunity to serve. It has been an exciting, memorable and rewarding two years for me and FDI.

Accelerating progress together

31 July 2019

My recent travels reaffirmed that the challenges we face in oral health transcend borders and require us to work hand in hand to find solutions.

President's Letter June 2019

Working together to improve oral health

26 June 2019

We are in the middle of 2019 and I am already in awe of the significant progress made in improving oral health thanks to our members’ tireless efforts.

Dr Kell with FDI Treasure Dr Cottrell and APDC President

Building strong ties from Europe to Asia

29 May 2019

In the Letter from the President for the month of May, Dr Kell reports on the exciting events with colleagues and friends in Italy, Germany, and Korea. She emphasizes her gratitude for our global community.

Looking back to look ahead

24 April 2019

For the first time in almost 10 years FDI’s annual Mid-Year meeting took place in Geneva, Switzerland, where FDI Headquarters is based.

TIme to Act on Mouth Health

Time to Act on Mouth Health

27 March 2019

I was thrilled to see all the impressive activities that took place on and around World Oral Health Day 2019. It was a successful campaign and thank you to everyone who participated!

Dr Kell at AEEDC

Knowledge transfer and exchange in action

27 February 2019

I was privileged to attend two of the largest dental congresses in the world organized by FDI members that foster a spirit of innovation, collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Full year ahead for FDI - President's Letter January 2019

Full year ahead for FDI

30 January 2019

Happy New Year! I hope you all enjoyed the holiday season and are ready to tackle the new year. I look forward to a very busy and productive 2019 for FDI.

Happy holidays from everyone at FDI!

19 December 2018

FDI President Dr Kathryn Kell thanks all FDI members for their commitment to the science and practice of dentistry. In a world where 3.5 billion people suffer from untreated oral disease, they’re the ones who wake up every morning, ready to make a difference.

Letter from the President November 2018

Overcoming common challenges

28 November 2018

The year 2018 is quickly coming to an end, but FDI’s members continue to ramp up their efforts to tackle local and global issues affecting oral health.

Coming together to create change

31 October 2018

Last month’s United Nations High-level Meeting on Noncommunicable Diseases proved to be a disappointment for oral health. But our work cannot stop. Now more than ever, FDI and our members need to renew efforts to lead the world to optimal oral health.

Strengthening our ties and knowledge together

27 September 2018

September was an eventful month at FDI. It began with the FDI World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina, then a sojourn in Montevideo, Uruguay, and ended with a visit to Lisbon, Portugal, for the launch of an exciting initiative to integrate dental clinics into primary healthcare facilities.

Convening the oral health community

Convening the oral health community

29 August 2018

I look forward to welcoming all attendees to FDI World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina from 5 to 8 September 2018. We are thrilled to host this year’s congress with our friends and colleagues from the Argentinian Dental Association (Confederación Odontológica de la República Argentina). 

Fostering dialogue and collaboration

Fostering dialogue and collaboration

25 July 2018

While spending time with our members and partners in Colombia and the United States, I was reminded once again of the importance of working together to tackle oral health challenges.

Dr Kathryn Kell meeting with school participating in Smile Around the World

Delivering real results

28 June 2018

As I travelled to Switzerland, China and Japan this month, it was inspiring to witness the many activities and programmes carried out by FDI and its members that are already having an impact on improving global oral health.

Making new connections

30 May 2018

Each time I travel to a new place, I am always impressed by our members’ commitment and dedication to FDI’s mission and values. FDI’s oral health family is always a constant source of pride and inspiration.

Dr Kathryn Kell speaking at ERO meeting

Listening and learning

25 April 2018

In the city of Mozart’s birthplace and the land of The Sound of Music, FDI’s European Regional Organization (ERO) held its spring meeting in beautiful Salzburg, Austria.

Celebrating World Oral Health Day

29 March 2018

I was very fortunate to spend World Oral Health Day in Dhaka, Bangladesh with the Bangladesh Dental Society and Unilever.

Uniting beyond borders

28 February 2018

February was very productive for FDI. I attended two of the world’s largest and renowned dental meetings organized in FDI member countries and proudly celebrated 25 years of partnership with Wrigley.

Building momentum in 2018

31 January 2018

Happy New Year to all my friends and colleagues of FDI World Dental Federation. This year promises to be another exciting and productive one for FDI Members and Partners.

Letter from the President: Kathryne Kell

Thinking globally, acting locally

29 November 2017

My travels in November - to the tremendously successful annual meetings of the German Dental Association and the Portuguese Dental Association respectively, and to FDI’s headquarters in Geneva - reinforced my confidence that the international dental community is well equipped to embrace the challenges of the future.

Letter from the President: Kathryne Kell

Leading FDI together

30 October 2017

Over the course of the last month, my new role as FDI President has already taken me to three different continents where I have been continually impressed and energized by the dedication and expertise of our local members and representatives.

Letter from the President: Kathryne Kell

New FDI strategy sets the scene for my Presidency

28 September 2017

I was honoured to formally take up my position as President of FDI during the World Dental Congress in Madrid in September and am excited by the challenges that lie ahead. To date, FDI has created and sustained programmes important to our members and the people in the countries we serve. We’ve united regions, and achieved financial sustainability. We’ve secured new partnerships, grown our reserves, and ensured that we have the resources we need to accomplish our goal of “leading the world to optimal oral health”.

Patrick Hescot

A sustained 24-month communication

27 August 2017

Before I began my mandate in 2015, I reflected on the best way to keep members up-to-date with FDI work, and what their President was doing to consolidate FDI-NDA relations and advance our goals worldwide. The result of my deliberations was my personal letter to members, delivered into their email inbox every month. It has been a pleasure.

Patrick Hescot

Worlds apart – but together in FDI

27 July 2017

This month I report on my meeting in Astana with the Minister of Health of Kazakhstan and members of the newly-formed FDI national committee for Kazakhstan; my meeting in Mexico City on the role of our federation in the prevention of oral diseases through our advocacy work; a few key event not to miss in Madrid related to World Oral Health Day, the Oral Health Observatory, and a joint session with the NCD Alliance.

Patrick Hescot

Celebrating a 10-year partnership with a huge impact on oral health

28 June 2017

June marked the decade-long milestone of a fruitful partnership and saw advances in FDI projects, particularly the Oral Health Observatory, Global Periodontal Health Project, Peri-Implant Disease Partnership, and Oral Health for an Ageing Population Partnership.

Patrick Hescot

New leadership, new venues – WHO appoints new Director General

31 May 2017

On behalf of FDI, I would like to congratulate former Ethiopian Minister of Health, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus on his appointment as Director-General (DG) of the World Health Organization (WHO), possibly the most important job in global health. His appointment follows an election process at the 70th World Health Assembly in May and hopefully African Member States can in particular look forward to a boost to health strategy on the African continent during the new DGs five-year mandate.

Patrick Hescot

Resounding success of series of events in April

28 April 2017

From our fruitful mid-year meeting, to the successful results of WOHD, to our first regional congress in Africa, I report on April’s eventful agenda

Patrick Hescot

March is always an exciting time at FDI

29 March 2017

March is always an exciting period for new initiatives at FDI - increasingly so since 2013, when we began celebrating World Oral Health Day (WOHD) on 20 March. Early results from our Live Mouth Smart campaign in 2017 are very encouraging, showing that the reach of our awareness raising efforts is growing. I was also so pleased to be the first FDI President to celebrate WOHD in Africa.

Patrick Hescot

Live Mouth Smart on World Oral Health Day 2017

24 February 2017

The Middle-East has been one of my focal points during the past few weeks, with events in Aswan (Egypt), Dubai (United Arab Emirates). More recently, I was in Chicago, for the Leadership Meeting of the American Dental Association (ADA) and, crucially, a strategy workshop for the Executive Board.

Patrick Hescot

An exciting year ahead for FDI

26 January 2017

For my first Letter of 2017, I would like to express my confidence that FDI can keep up the momentum of 2016 in all aspects of its work. We have a number of exciting campaigns, projects and events underway, which will serve to once again enhance the reputation of FDI as the go-to organization for oral health worldwide.

Face-to-face meetings strengthen cooperation

01 December 2016

My recent visits to the Japan and Germany Dental Associations left me well briefed on the priorities, activities and achievements of our member organizations and I am happy to confirm that we continue to enjoy excellent working relations. In Japan, I also addressed and participated in anniversary events with a key partner GC Corporation.

A Watershed Moment

21 September 2016

Thanks to perfect organization and logistics, FDI’s Poznan congress lived up to our high expectations and turned out to be a watershed moment for world dentistry. It established international consensus on how to define oral health, which has serious implications for FDI’s vision of ‘Leading the world to optimal oral health’.