Shaping the future of oral health

Challenges and opportunities

Vision 2020 provides a sketch of how oral healthcare might look by 2020 if the profession tackles the challenges and seizes the opportunities in a timely and appropriate manner. It answers the essential question: how can the profession grow in order to make a significant contribution to the improvement of global oral health during the coming decade?

Five elements to Vision 2020

Vision 2020 comprises five chief elements, analyzed according to threat and opportunity, to:

  1. meet the increasing need and demand for oral healthcare
  2. expand the role of healthcare professionals
  3. shape a responsive educational model
  4. mitigate the impacts of socio-economic dynamics
  5. foster fundamental and translational research and technology

Aspirational and inspirational

Vision 2020 is aspirational and inspirational; it is not meant to be operational. It provides avenues which will need to be further explored and discussed: specific strategies, tactical approaches, implementation tools or ready-to-use formulae, will depend largely on local needs and circumstances.

A continuous process

Vision 2020 is the beginning of a continuous process aimed at generating discussion and collaboration between FDI and all its partners. It is the result of a year-long reflection within FDI World Dental Federation, a non-governmental organization based in Geneva, Switzerland, representing over one million dentists worldwide.

Vision 2020 is published in the International Dental Journal:

FDI Vision 2020: a blueprint for the profession, International Dental Journal 2012; 62: 277.

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