World Oral Health Forum

FDI launched the World Oral Health Forum (WOHF) in 2012, inspired by the model of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos. The WOHF is in line with FDI’s Vision 2020 initiative to shape the future of oral health and takes place every year during the World Dental Congress.

The WOHF has a single-session-format, but has also consisted of a number of sessions in the past, featuring diverse speakers discussing global challenges and opportunities related to oral health. The WOHF sessions typically include short presentations from the panelists – relevant to dentists, but also society at large – and are followed by questions and answers.

The WOHF seeks to expose FDI members to matters not necessarily discussed in dental congresses; while attracting audiences who might not regularly attend dental events. Panels are usually made up of:

  • One representative from an international organization (UN agencies such as WHO, UNICEF, UNEP, etc.) or from a political body (Ministries of health, environment, economy, etc.)
  • One representative from the dental and oral health industry
  • One or two representatives from FDI membership
  • One representative from a non-dental organization (cardiology, information technology, etc.)

Past sessions

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