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NO 67 - SEPTEMBER 2016
World Oral Health Day FOCUS ON:

Launch of World Oral Health Day
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FDI 2016 Poznań: a watershed moment

Thanks to perfect organization and logistics, FDI's Poznan congress lived up to our high expectations and turned out to be a watershed moment for world dentistry.
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World Dental Congress Madrid
FDI World Dental Congress
See you in Madrid 2017!

Further to the highly successful 2016 Congress, FDI looks forward to the 2017 Annual World Dental Congress, set for Madrid, 29 August-1 September.
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World Dental Congress Buenos Aires
Official: Buenos Aires is the venue for the 2018 World Dental Congress

FDI and its member NDA, Confederación Odontológica de la República Argentina (CORA) are joining forces to organize the 2018 FDI World Dental Congress in Buenos Aires.

Minamata Convention
FDI Annual World Dental Congress in Poznań a success

Characterized as "rewarding", "inspiring", "well-prepared", "the best", "high quality", FDI 2016 Poznań welcomed nearly 12,000 participants from 90 countries.
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FDI 2016 General Assembly

Results of the FDI General Assembly held in Poznań during the Annual World Dental Congress include the welcoming of new members and elections/re-elections to the FDI Council and to Council Standing Committees.
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New oral health definition
Vision 2020
FDI unveils new universally applicable definition of 'oral health'

FDI has unveiled its new definition of 'oral health', positioning it as an integral part of general health and well-being.
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Oral Health Observatory App
Oral Health Observatory
FDI launches its Oral Heath Observatory research project

FDI launched the deployment phase of the Oral Health Observatory (OHO), its innovative app-based research project at FDI 2016 Poznań.
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Caries Prevention Programme
Caries management
New White Paper introduces comprehensive approach to managing tooth decay

FDI has released a white paper 'Dental Caries Prevention and Management' under the banner of its Caries Prevention Partnership with Colgate.
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FDI Smile Award
FDI Smile Awards
FDI presents first Smile Awards, launches White Paper on caries management

FDI has presented its first Smile Awards to winners from the Dental Associations of Cambodia and Palestine – and launces White Paper on caries management.
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WOHD student prizes
World Oral Health Day 2016
WOHD 2016 student awards presented in Poznań

FDI President Dr Patrick Hescot presented certificates to the winners of the four World Oral Health Day (WOHD) 2016 student awards at a brief ceremony during the Annual World Dental Congress in Poznań.
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