How to apply for WDDF?

The World Dental Development Fund takes applications on a continuous basis. Submission deadline is on 15 June, at which time each application is screened by the Public Health Committee in accordance with the criteria listed below.

Criteria for Funding

Eligibility of applicants

  • Any FDI Regular or Associate Member Association is eligible to apply. If you are not one of these member types, you must obtain written support from an FDI Regular or Associate Member Association.
  • Applicants must have the capacity to:
    • Not rely solely on the Fund’s financial contribution by seeking financing for the project from other avenues
    • Provide detailed financial documentation
    • Prove to be able to successfully complete the project
  • Applications need to include:
    • Detailed aims and objectives
    • Distinct planning, implementation and evaluation stages
    • Team list indicating each member's appropriate experience and expertise

Eligibility of projects

  • Projects should be in the following fields:
    • education
    • oral health promotion
    • disease prevention or eradication
    • primary health care
  • Projects should contribute to the improvement of oral health with a main focus to benefit disadvantaged people.
  • Projects should relate to local, regional or national strategic aims within the country and should have been developed in dialogue and active participation with local colleagues and authorities.
  • Only projects with a prominent educational component will be considered.
  • Projects should demonstrate a strong potential of sustainability.


  • A maximum of two projects will be selected for funding per year
  • Each project will received a maximum amount of 10,000 CHF
  • Funding cannot be used for the payment of salaries, honoraria and/or the payment of commissions. Please carefully read section 3.3. Exclusions in the ‘Criteria for funding’ document for further information.

Application Form

All applicants should complete and submit the following forms by 15 June to FDI office via e-mail to both and

  1. FDI WDDF Application Form
  2. General Terms and Conditions
  3. Endorsement letter template
  4. Budget plan template

For more information, please contact:

Dr Virginie Horn Borter
Education and Public Health Director
+41 22 560 8136

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