Brush Day & Night

The goal of Brush Day & Night is to encourage one of the single most important behaviours for good oral health: twice-daily toothbrushing with fluoride toothpaste. Since 2005, it has reached millions of children and adults to teach them about the importance of toothbrushing. It also encourages children to become advocates and spread the message of good oral health to their families and friends.

The project, previously known as Live, Laugh, Learn, has touched over 40 countries through a long-standing partnership between FDI and Unilever, and with the collaboration of National Dental Associations. It's currently in its fourth phase, building on previous goals and successes from over 10 years of partnership.

Project phases

Phase IV started in January 2017, and will run in 12 countries for three years. It will continue the two main project activities from Phase III:
  1. Oral health school programmes
    The 21-Day programme brings Brush Day & Night’s key messages to children, teaching them the importance of brushing twice-daily with fluoride toothpaste and encouraging them to spread the message. Children brush their teeth at school under supervision, a method that helps create a habit that will last.
    The impact of the school programme will be measured by looking at children’s oral health, hygiene and wellbeing before and after the 21 days. In Phase IV of Brush Day & Night, the school programme will run in Indonesia and Nigeria, starting in July 2017.
  2. World Oral Health Day activities
    Brush Day & Night organized World Oral Health Day celebrations in 12 countries in 2017. The events reinforce the project’s messages and offer children a platform to both learn and teach the world about toothbrushing. Activities took place in: Indonesia, Nigeria, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ghana, Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Egypt, Chile and Morocco.

Activities: Education programme in schools and helping children become advocates for oral health. Measuring the impact of the programme on children’s oral health.

Number of people reached: 136 million

Activities: Promoting oral health and toothbrushing in schools and communities

Number of people reached: over 1 million

Activities: Promoting oral health and toothbrushing in schools and communities

Number of people reached: 1 million



1 million


>1 million


136 million

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